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  1. Yahtzee narrated for LRR?!

    Posted 8 Sep 2009

    http://loadingreadyr. ../Save-Our-Games

    I've been watching LRR since "Quantum documentary", back when I had dial-up, and the movies took forever to load. They've been doing a lot of celebrity matchups lately, though, so this shouldn't have been unexpected.
  2. Wild success with contacting internet fame

    Posted 15 Oct 2008

    Well, you guys have heard it before that I have had success with contacting peoples on the internet and talking about their works.

    Today, I received an invitation from a past guest artist for sluggy freelance to join his board gaming group, after he found out I was in the local area and a fellow board gamer.

    Next up: email al gore to congratulate him on inventing the internet, then smash him in the face with a brick when he invites me over for nachos.
  3. Negative numbers don't exist

    Posted 18 Sep 2008

    Let us start with

    1=1 (I)

    Then divide each side by 1

    1/1 = 1/1 (II)

    Then multiply each side by negative 1

    -1/1 = -1/1 (III)

    Then switch the negative sign on one side to the bottom

    -1/1 = 1/-1 (IV)

    Now we find the square root of both sides

    sqrt(-1) / sqrt(1) = sqrt(1) / sqrt(-1) (V)

    Now we resolve the square roots

    i/1 = 1/i (VI)

    Now we cross multiply:

    i^2 = 1^2 (VII)

    Now we resolve the squares:

    -1 = 1 (VIII)

    And there you have it. -1 is the same thing as +1, and therefore negative numbers do not really exist. If you wish to prove me wrong, then show me which step was wrong.
  4. The thread in which we discuss the one forum that Yahtzee can be "one of the boys" and in which he does not want to be

    Posted 14 Sep 2008

    I will comment on this thread by not commenting, further confusing all of you and earning pity from all the real seekers of Tao.
  5. "the hopeless endeavour"

    Posted 21 Aug 2008

    http:// htm

    Nice plot to that one, Yahtz. I enjoyed the computer's motive. Although, I'm wondering if you'd like a small file of random names for your characters, since you seem to like using four or five different english names all the time.

    I probably would've included one or two things that previous clones had done, and the current one found weird, as a bit of foreshadowing. Or, if you did that and I didn't notice, emphasized them.
    Overall, really, I think the writing could've been better. Seems pretty emotionless and distant, really. Your characters can be completely logical while establishing an emotional atmosphere, y'know.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

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