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Well, I was walking through the countryside when suddenly a gigantic meteorite....
Okay okay, 5 Days a Stranger led me to Fully Ramblomatic which led me here.
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  1. In Topic: Zer0 Punktuashion; Gawd of War 3

    Posted 25 Apr 2010

    The forums or the ZP?
  2. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Red Steel 2

    Posted 18 Apr 2010

    View Post Thaluikhain, on 18 April 2010 - 09:32 AM, said:

    Bah, you've totally missed the point.

    Blood is red due to the iron, and iron is what steel is mostly made of.

    Wow, there is far more subtlety behind the title then that which I initially determined.
  3. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Red Steel 2

    Posted 17 Apr 2010

    Well then it's a stupid title.
  4. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Red Steel 2

    Posted 16 Apr 2010

    Oh NOW I get it...

    The sword is made of STEEL and when you cut people with it it becomes RED with blood!

    That's actually very clever.
  5. In Topic: ZP: Brutal Legend

    Posted 3 Nov 2009

    My vote counted for 33 1/3% of the count!

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