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  1. HDTVs: Plasma vs LCD vs Rear Projection

    Posted 11 Dec 2007

    In the upcoming advent of the federally mandated day in February 2009 when all analog television broadcasting will be rendered obsolete, many are rushing out to buy new digital HDTVs as to not be left in the dark.

    Many may not be aware, but there are actually 3 different types of HDTVs on the market:

    Rear- Projection
    Liquid Crystal Display

    I found this article to be interesting in which it compares electricity consumption among the 3 different types:

  2. Atari 2600

    Posted 3 Oct 2007

    my first system ever was an atari 2600, and even though it was august 1981, and the games we have now were so distant from being concieved even by the most skilled of programmers and inventors during 1981, you couldnt help in the back of your mind think while playing these games if anything more to them was coming.

    yes, they were fun, but redundant..

    how many times while playing Empire Strikes Back am I going to keep flying over the same damn section of Hoth?

    Donkey Kong wasnt too much better, you played an beat one screen, it put you on the next one..beat that screen,.youre back to the first

    where are the rewards,.you dont get any..except for a high score,.that can sometimes be topped over, and brought back to zero again in some games.

    To this day, I know of only one Atari 2600 game that can be paused..and thats BurgerTime, by using one of the difficulty switches on the back.

    do i still own my atari 2600? yep!,.cause when i have children, its good for them to know what one of the very first gaming systems looked like...dont know why, but it is.

    believe it or not..there was even a Mario Bros & Double Dragon game for the Atari 2600. I can only imagine if someone ever created a homebrew version of Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto,Final Fantasy, or Resident that would be horrendous.

    The system was unique in that it had only one damned button. Thats it, just a single friggin button. Yeah, I have seen some other joysticks that did have two buttons, ..and come to think of it,.I actually owned one, but essentially the function of the second button served the same command of the usual standard button, as a simple controller cant override the programming language of software (duh!). I think the controller i owned, was shaped to resemble a jet fighter control, and the second button was a trigger button ala Nintendo 64.

    The arcade ports of Atari 2600 games were absolutely nothing like their arcade counterparts, and the artwork was totally a lie, except for activision who actually told the truth, and put a screenshot of the game as their boxart.

    Kids would spend countless hours playing these Atari 2600 games, that offered no real chance to upgrade your character's abilities. The fact that most every "new stage" looked so much like the last, didnt help things out either. Its no wonder when the Nintendo Entertainment System debuted, that many kids kicked their Atari 2600's to the dumpster, the nostalgic kids packed theirs away and stored them in the attic. I guess I fall under the latter.

    Final Fantasy on Atari 2600...yeah, riiight.
  3. kanye west-the crybaby

    Posted 15 Sep 2007

    it never really dawned on me, until recently, how much of a flatout crybaby kanye west is. i mean, the guy bitches and screams about everything, like a bratty 2 yr old being refused candy in a candy store.

    most know Kanye for his infamous statement during the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, in which he voiced that "George Bush doesnt care about black people". This was in 2005, Kanye's debut album was only last year..meaning before then, the guy was little known to the outside world or media. yet, despite this, just because he sells a lot of albums he is quickly embraced by the media and allowed to speak on national television. then he makes a shocking statement, and everyone is thrown offguard. they should be, as i said before..the guy is pretty much a brand new celebrity, and were just now finding out what type of person he really is.

    heres the katrina video, for you those of you lucky enough to not have seen it yet. c...=zIUzLpO1kxI&NR

    recently, he made an backstage rant about Britney Spears at the MTV Music Awards. A hidden camera caught him ranting endlessly deriding Brittany heavily...

    http: //

    the guy seems to have a shortwire, and can easily flip out at just about are some videos that catch certain highlights of his flamboyant and beligerant persona

    http:// NR=1

    this video is rather amusing...

    http: // k&NR=1

    he has also been known to say some pretty downright retarded statements..such as this:

    he suggested in Playboy that if a bible were written in the present day, he is famous and important enough to be included in it. "I throw up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them", West claimed. "[I'm] definitely in the history books already."

    the guy has said some other pretty ridiculous remarks, but i wont bore you out with all of what ive heard. its quite stupendous

    ...and also...The guy has teddy bears on all three of his albums. C'mon...Teddy Bears??...youre 30 friggin years old,.grow up man! Stop sucking your thumb and get rid of all your waifish associations with teddy bears.

    nuff said, this guy is a circus clown, and i expect his career to be short lived.
  4. Lets play Zork!

    Posted 11 Sep 2007

    some know the text-based game, Zork. For those that dont, it is a video game, per se, but its more like reading an interactive novel. you read a certain paragraph that describes what the situation is, then it comes to a point where it tells you to make a choice about how you would react to the given situation. the choice you make, leads you onto further adventures, or sometimes unfortunate circumstances.

    there is no scoring system, its just you and your imagination at play.

    so with that said, i would like to start a Zork gaming thread. I will start this out with a basic scenario, and each person that wants to play simply reads the last reply and adds on their own bit.

    so for example: if i was to say "youre walking out in a forest and you see a knife.." the next person can reply with "i pick up the knife and i see someone behind me,.should i stab them?" the next person could then say "no,.i hold onto the knife and run away"

    just to give you an idea...but it doesnt have to be that way, there is no format for response, no rules on how long or short a response has to's the only rule....

    there is only one rule: the game doesnt end/game never ends.
    so for could kill off the main character, if you wanted to, and have a new character you make up enter into the scene as the main protagonist.

    other than that one sole rule..anything goes,.the sky is the limit.

    lets have some fun, and see what types of adventures our main character will have
    here goes:

    You have just woke up from a deep slumber, you grab a quick breakfast to eat, and head out of your log cabin home. you are walking westbound towards nearby forest. as you approach the forest treeline, you begin to hear a faint echo..but its not of you..its being made by something in the forest. at first you grimace with constrainted fear, and think about going back home for safety. but you realize you have your trusty pocketknife with you. but not just any ordinary knife..this 7 inch blade is customed crafted from only the finest metals. it has served you well in hunting in the past, and you feel it can defend you against any threat the forest may have. at the last moment, you still think about heading for home, until you hear a faint call for help from a girl in distress coming from the forest...what do you do?
  5. Britney Spears at MTV Music Awards 2007

    Posted 10 Sep 2007

    It hasnt even been 24 hours yet, and Ive heard more than my fair share of Britney Spears giving a lackluster performance at last night's MTV Music Awards.

    In all honesty, I did not watch the program when it aired. I was at work, and the guys who brought in a tv wanted to watch the Cowboys/Giants game. (which i feel was a better thing to watch anyways)

    When I casually checked the news on my cell phone, I saw nothing but reports indicating that Spears gave a horrendous performance. "that she was fat" "looked like she had taken elephant tranquilizer prior to appearing on stage" "her hair was a mess" "she wasnt into her dance moves at all, and was just going thru the motions until the song ended"

    I think society has coined Britney Spears, not necessarily her in particular..but any girl that embraces characteristics being of Britney, she is likely to be called a "Britney Spears". What most arent willing to accept, or tend to think with a one track mind, is that Britney Spears is supposed to be America's sweetheart diva, this is far from the case. Even when she debuted, she was percieved as a good girl with bad girl tendencies. Now, she is full-on holds barred raunchy. (where is the censorship?) The "Madonna" of the 21st century.

    I think the main problem is that many still have this image of Britney Spears painted forever in their heads of her in her cute white top and plaid skirt ala her "Oops I did it again" video. The girl has aged, folks. She got married, had a kid, went thru a lot of stress and gained a few pounds in the process,..shes not going to retain that nostalgic image you have trapped forever in your feeble head.

    So I viewed the video online, I had expected the worst...I heard reports that 50 Cent and Diddy gave her cold steel glares like "what the hell is this bitch doing on stage?" ...honestly, when I viewed the video, her performance wasnt all that bad. it wasnt her best,.but it was different...and being that it was different, maybe thats exactly what she is to differentiate from her known work. If she is making a comeback, then maybe she plans to comeback a little different.

    If the performance is as bad as some say it is, then maybe she is trying to kill off her career. Maybe she doesnt want to be "Britney Spears-pop diva" anymore. Maybe she is tired of the media infiltrating her life, maybe she just wants to be left the fuck alone. I dont think a month has passed that some mention of Britney hasnt been on the front cover of some tabloid ever since the drama between her a K-Fed started. If my personal lovelife and drama was featured on national papers for months on end, id probably start smoking or stacking on the pounds too. Its funny that some of the worst critics are those that wouldnt/couldnt do the same things that Britney does.

    and Im not trying to sympathize with her, the girl has made her fair share of mistakes in her life and has learned from them. but with all being said, she isnt doing too bad. the question to ask is: is britney spears really trying to make a comeback on her own merit?, or at the persuasion of fan pressure and her record label management? ..personally, I think she is tired from it all. I dont think she wants to be "Britney Spears" anymore. shes tired of the gossip, the media, the rumors,..and if she really did give a lackluster performance,.it was her way of saying "kiss my ass fuckers, heres something for you to talk about, now stay the fuck out of my personal life"

    IMHO, i think critics have become stearnly harsh over the years. I feel they have become too judgmental, too abrasive. they dont cut slack for anything., and if the slightest thing seems awry, they are quick to label as being horrid. its a shame, this is the music industry, and I thought music was a form of exp​ression, and being in that, it wouldnt hurt to lend an open ear and eye and allow yourself to enjoy it more fully, and not be so quick to judge a book by its cover. Im not just referring to Britney, but all genres of music.

    heres the video, in case you havent seen it.

    http://video. google....1...h&plindex=2

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