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  1. Anyone a Hyperspace member?

    Posted 3 Jun 2009

    Anyone still subscribe to hyperspace?

    I want a copy of their SW short story, "Death in the Slave Pits of Lorrd [sic]". ...Wcom_123321.asp

    I'd be willing to send you a copy of one of my stories, which I guarantee is better written that the above story. wink.gif
  2. Pre-Production in Process

    Posted 31 May 2009

    Well, the Clone Wars has been out for a while. Now pre-production in Australia
    is going to begin.Here's a translation from a French website that's
    gotten posted on You can see the actual site link listed at the
    bottom, or on my own website at

    "100 Episodes Confirmed? Upcoming Production?

    With little news on the TV show and not knowing what to do about it, your
    work-exhausted webmaster has decided to take the initiative and do some
    investigating for some much needed information.The first confirmation: the
    series will well be in Australia, more specifically in New South Wales, the area
    around Sydney.

    In fact, the governing Australian organization "Screen Australia" which takes
    care of all aspects of the management of film and television productions will
    confirm in its monthly 2009 May report on productions in the kangaroo kingdom
    that the Star Wars series is in production.

    You can tell me more or less what you think of all this. But remember (yes,
    there is a but) this tidbit has only been posted for a few days, which seems to
    indicate that things are moving forward.

    Also, a second piece of information, the person who subsequently contacted me
    added: "It is expected that the production of the Star Wars series will be soon.
    As you can appreciate things can change daily in the film industry. We recommend
    that you get in contact directly [with] Lucasfilm."

    Fearing nothing, I then contacted Lucasfilm (who's communication department
    has really gotten to know me they're very nice). They were, how shall I say, a
    little evasive.

    "The live-action series is still too far off for any immediately impending
    announcements, but feel free to keep checking in!"

    Lastly, it's true that they're not very far along. However, the whiff of info
    I get is that Lucasfilm can't say anything for the moment, and therefore no
    concrete information can be release to the public.

    But believe me, things are moving and shaking, and SWU will always be the
    first source to report on the latest information about the live-action Star Wars

    Source: Screen Australia + Lucasfilm
    Posted: 5/29/2009 by Tagne"

    http: //www.starwars-...-aux-infos. html
  3. GL Raped our Childhood

    Posted 17 Sep 2008

    Have you see this video? LOL

    http://www. youtube.c...h?v=wzDIClx-_pY

  4. "Myth" in the title of my book? Or not.

    Posted 1 Mar 2008

    First, this is not a debate about the mythology of Star Wars. So please read this entire entry and stay on topic before posting.

    Principle Question:

    Do I use the word "mythology" in the title of the Shimmering Sword rewrite?

    The new title would be "Sword Fighting in the Mythology of Star Wars".

    My editor (and his team) feel the word "mythology" refers to a general perception of the Star Wars universe.

    I feel (and state in the text) "mythology" refers to the incorporation of Joseph Campbell's monomyth into GL's storyline.

    I could go into all sorts of details but I simply list plain facts about the book and see what your thoughts are. 1) The new book does not include one chapter and the afterword of the original text; the new book does include two new chapters and several chapter expansions. 2) Its thematic focus is on the links between the martial culture of swordsmen and the Jedi. 3) It also includes commentaries on the realism (or not) of lightsaber choreography in the saga.

    My concern is that the title with "mythology" creates a false impression about the book. A more pointed characterization is that it is a bait and switch tactic for selling the book. My editor feels that "mythology" will be easily distinguished from the arguments I set forth in the book, and that the title will be captivating a title to help sell the book.

    Do you agree with my editor? Or you think I should go with my line of reasoning (and gut feeling).

  5. How NOT to become a Jedi

    Posted 25 Jan 2008

    Everyone in the picture EXCEPT the Jedi instructor is holding his/her lightsaber correctly. Even the little girl with her left hand on the top is holding it correctly for a left-hander.

    You gotta love it! It's a pic from for the new Disney Jedi Training Academy interactive experience.

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