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  1. In Topic: Should G Lucas be court ordered to never make another Stars Wars Film.

    Posted 2 Sep 2010

    I'm actually hopeful for the 75 years + one day after GL's death when SW looses its copyright. Then anyone's free to redo his movies or story in any media form. I don't think I'll reach that day, and I imagine one of his heirs will actually license a re-make. Alas, I don't think I will make it to that fateful day.
  2. In Topic: Star Wars: "No Gays in Our Universe!"

    Posted 28 Aug 2009

    I'm happy with BioWare "promoting" positive portrayals of homosexuals in society!

    Science Fiction has always been the cutting edge of what is possible and impossible. Up until SW, sci-fi (for those who don't take the term as a derogatory) has explored the changes and evolution of society in a host of challenging universes. If BioWare as a company full of individuals who can't figure out that banning "unwanted" speech on their open (yet proprietary) forums, they shouldn't have an open forum in the first place.

    Mods have a huge role in opening up discussions among users who express themselves with intelligent and pertinent information. They also have a reputation for committing huge blunders because they may not understand some of the most basic and fundamental concepts of a liberal (not Liberal) society.

    If you're going to have a game with love interests, well, it's going to eventually include same-sex interests unless it purposely bans those interactions. BioWare can run away from the problem and try to avoid users homosexual interaction, but you just put off the inevitable and state an anti-homosexual agenda.

    E-Harmony, that dating site with the TV commercials, does not allow same sex searches for their 29 dimensions of compatibility. Their choice, but they've demonstrated their bigotry. Obviously, these decisions are made in part because of a fiscal decision (i.e. not wanting to offend a "straight" base of subscribers), but they also expose an aspect of derision against certain kinds of compatibility. Obviously their 29 dimensions do not include a true picture of compatibility.

    OK, so I'll stay off E-Harmony and vote with my pocketbook. But I'll make the case if I'm interested in their forums if I'd like. The same for BioWare. Everyone makes their choices. Some choice are simply more bigoted than others.
  3. In Topic: What's your answer to this Classic Gusher Defense?

    Posted 10 Jun 2009

    LOL, well, even Obama would admit that the ears do have a ring of truth to it.

    I love the scene in the animated ROTK with the Voice of Sauron. It just sends shivers down my spine. I saw that scene done in Jackson's version and there's no comparison. It's not just that the live-action was filmed very conventionally, but that the timbre of the animation's voice was so perfect.
  4. In Topic: What's your answer to this Classic Gusher Defense?

    Posted 5 Jun 2009

    Thanks for the welcome back.

    Not all of LOTR got me either. I even think digital visuals in those movies weren't perfect yet. Are they even now? It seems you have to use speed and quick cuts to hide the imperfections.

    You know, I love the Rankin Bashi versions of those films. It was full of music, great animation, and it had a very traditional story-telling feel to it. I do agree with Tolkien that The Hobbit was written too juvenile a manner. But I love the battle of 5 Armies at the end. It's a shame ROTK ended with 30 minutes of bye-bye instead of the attack on the Shire, which brought the whole story back home to Hobbiton. One might even have to say that LOTR would not have really ended without Saruman attacking the Shire. Brilliant on Tolkien's part.
  5. In Topic: Wikipedia Star Wars Outrage

    Posted 4 Jun 2009

    Ah, confirmation. Sorry this is coming in so late, but what you've been talking about doesn't surprise me a bit.

    I tried to add the name of a couple of SW writers (including myself) as a stub to be expanded, but they were promptly deleted.

    A huge issue is affiliation with LFL and professionalism. obviously admits its affiliation as a platform for LFL. All decisions will therefore be made for economic reasons. I.e. anything that risks breaking that LFL link will be squashed. The other thing is that there is no scholarly background need to be a moderator.

    One of the problems I've confronted as an independent non-LFL writer is that most websites only have room for officially sanctioned writing. In the writers section in, only Lucasbook authors have threads. I (we) have to suffer ignorant bean counters who have no expertise in our fields. The google search of Reasons to Hate Star Wars is a case in point. The administrator 1) doesn't know how to do a proper search (he/she probably doesn't know what Boolean means), and 2) doesn't care to inform himself.

    Chef's SW website has historical significance on the internet, as it was one of the first websites to act as a conduit between fandom and the franchise. That it is still here is testament to its significance, but that too had to evolve as his webpage became more focused on him, and not simply limited by SW. My webpage has undergone a similar "branding" change, focusing more on me, and not the limits of my books about SW.

    Anyone who uses wikipedia as a source for a scholarly work needs to work on their researching skills. That's not to say that you can't start there and move on, but everything written in wikipedia has to be challenged and corroborated with a real source, and not simply with web-related links. That's googling, not researching.

    The same thing has happened with the cable networks like history channel. It serves as an platform for the most extreme and least scholastic topics like bigfoot, UFOs, and conspiracy theories.

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