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  1. Happy New Year

    Posted 1 Jan 2009

    Just wanted to wish the gang a good one.

    If I even qualify as a member of the gang.
  2. ZP: Guitar Hero World Tour

    Posted 26 Nov 2008

    Here it is

    I'm not sure why we still link. If you don't know where to go by now, you're amazingly stupid.

    Love the Deus Ex lyrics.
  3. I Wanna Be The Guy

    Posted 24 Oct 2008

    Hey, this will be my first topic outside of the FullyRamblomatic forums and it is my way of branching out of the incessant idiocy that has dominated them lately.

    For the sake of those who may not have heard of it...

    I Wanna Be The Guy!: The Movie: The Game is a freeware platformer designed in Multimedia Fusion 2 by Kayin, a sadistic man who revels in your constant defeat. You play as "The Kid", a 15-year-old who leaves Home on an epic quest to become "The Guy".

    You will die in this game. Many times. Not only do you die from one hit, almost everything is trying to kill you, from spikes to giant cherries to the freaking moon. The game is designed to stack the odds against you and be completely unfair to the point of defying logic, mostly as an homage to the masochistic 8-bit games of yore (and as a way of being hilarious at times). If you're willing to suffer through the expletive-inducing traps, you're treated to quite the experience. The bosses are worth talking about in and of themselves:

    A cross between Kraid and Zangief...

    A giant fire-breathing Mike Tyson...

    and more!

    If you want to avoid the frustration of playing the game, you could watch the Let's Play I set up at the Penny Arcade forums and laugh at my own frustration. I finished it up around a month ago, and it even features a bonus summary video which is not a safe thing to watch around children and old ladies due to excessive swearing. I'll make the same disclaimer here as I did there: it was my first LP ever and it gets better as it goes thanks to my new-found familiarity with my editing software.

    And of course, go here if you want the game.

    So, shall we discuss?
  4. ZP: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

    Posted 15 Oct 2008

    Here it is

    I haven't started a thread in a while. Guess it's my turn.
  5. Blizzard rips off Yahtzee

    Posted 27 Jun 2008

    Silly Blizzard, Yahtzee did the "mysterious image slowly becoming less mysterious" method of building anticipation/speculation long before you.

    I present exhibit A:

    And now exhibit B:

    Now I'm willing to call this whole thing a mistake if every Blizzard employee is willing to kiss Yahtzee's ass or perhaps commit seppuku as an act of contrition. Otherwise, I'm still willing to call this whole thing a mistake.

    You all can speculate on the upcoming announcement if you want. In fact, you better, because it's tomorrow and then there won't be any more speculation.

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