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  1. Fight Back!

    Posted 11 Dec 2008

    My recent attempts at beginning debates have for the most part resulted in Spoon saying "yeah, pretty much," Civ and I going back and forth, and then stagnation and death. So here I've created an open-ended debate based on socialist propaganda newsletter Fight Back!.

    This here magazine is full of controversial positions on controversial issues. I'll get the party started with two simultaneous debates:

    1) Hawaiian Sovereignty: I was really surprised to find that I support the prospect of Hawaiian sovereignty on two conditions: the majority of the population supports it, and we can still call Hawaiian Pizza Hawaiian Pizza.

    2) Slavery Reparations: I was entirely unsurprised to learn that I do not support this group's (and, I'm sure, others') bid for fiscal reparations to the African-American community for centuries of slavery and the rest. When Sherman made his promise (that sadly was not fulfilled), he made it to the actual victims of slavery. These people are certainly not. Hell, considering the amount of slave-rape that occurred at the time, a good number of them are probably descendants of the slave-owners as well.

    So I'd like to get these debates going for a while, and then when one or more dies off, I or another can go to the Fight Back! website and pick another issue. It'll be a gay ol' time!

    Posted 1 Dec 2008

    I apologize for the all caps.

    I was at Target. I was looking at a box set of the OT I'd not seen before.

    I read the bullet points on the back.

    One read thusly:
    QUOTE (The Box)
    Contains commentary from director George Lucas and the original cast and crew, as well as the original theatrical release of each film.

    http:// page=1

    Limited time only, my friends. Let us rejoice in the time we are given.
  3. Twat or twat?

    Posted 23 Nov 2008

    Now my school is full of people who pronounce it so that it rhymes with "swat." I've only ever heard it pronounced like it rhymes with "bat."

    Anyone know which it is?

    EDIT: "it"
  4. The Day without Gays

    Posted 21 Nov 2008

    I kid, actually. I for once have found myself in support of these stupid protest days. The theory is that the GBLT community (a phrase I've always thought encourages stereotypes and generalizations) is comprised of productive members of society and if they were to suddenly cease existing, the economic impact will be enough to I guess convince people that they deserve the same rights. Fair enough. I don't personally think much will come of it, but I'll let them give it a shot.

    But one thing:

    They are actually encouraging straight people to participate.


    When that happens it will cease to be "A Day without Gays" and will become "A Day without some people." It will throw off their statistics, invalidate their data.

    What's more, encouraging straight people to participate makes it sound like they think they won't have enough of an impact alone.

    It just occurred to me that this might just be code for gays afraid to come out of the closet who want to participate, but damn it, grow a pair or go to work.

    EDIT: Throw, not through. Damn it.
  5. The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

    Posted 11 Nov 2008

    Let me begin by saying I love movies. Movies are probably my favorite thing. Whenever I have a very good day, I'll break out a Henry Weinhard's root beer and watch one of my favorites. I believe not only that watching movies alone is a potentially enlightening experience, but also that watching movies with friends is a good bonding experience. I am, in a word, pro-movie. I'm a classic movie snob, too, entirely against pan-n-scan, I stopped watching VHS tapes a long time ago, all that stuff.


    When I watch a movie, all I need is the movie (preferably DVD, but I'll still do VHS if I'm desperate), something to play the movie, a TV with speakers, and, begrudgingly, a remote control.

    Blu-ray discs. Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Flat-panel Hi-Definiton TVs with 1080p. This all seems a little...decadent to me.

    Am I alone?

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