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  1. Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

    Posted 23 Jun 2007

    I've just got home from sitting in a cafe for two straight hours playing it. I left after I started to get some strange looks.

    Anyway, I'm loving it so far- the graphics are incredible for the DS, as you've probably seen, it mimics the 'Celda' style of Wind Walker, and while it obviously can't match a Gamecube, it's easily the best looking game thats been released on the handheld so far.

    If you're thinking of importing it you'll obviously need to know some Japanese, BUT, for those of you who can read hiragana, know a decent amount of vocab, and/or have access to a good Japanese dictionary, you might be happy to know that (in a brilliant use of the touch screen) if you touch a kanji with your pen, the hiragana reading pops up above it!

    A very early puzzle has you write a number on a sign to roll back a boulder in a cave, so it's possible that later puzzles will have you write kanji too, but again, the kanji readings system I mentioned means the game is obviously aimed at a broad audience, so if it did ask you to write kanji at some point, I doubt it will be very difficult.

    So, if you know I bit (seriously, I think only a bit will get you through- ability to read hiragana is a must though) of Japanese, this game is shaping up to be fantastic, and will probably massively improve your vocab in the process.
  2. Dear Sony:

    Posted 10 May 2006

    $600 for a game console that has a tacky, tacked on Wii ripoff contoller and BluRay (yawn) technology that still might go the way of Betamax.

    The Wii's graphics are clearly inferior, but man it looks like a big bus load of jolly fun to play.



    p.s Theres no rumble feature on the PS3's controller, most TV's can't support Blu-Ray yet anyway, theres no wi-fi, and did I mention the cost...
  3. Lucas releases the O-OT

    Posted 4 May 2006

    http:// www.starwars....ws20060503. html

    I'm amazed he's done this! biggrin.gif

    p.s I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't still April 4th
  4. Were you spoiled?

    Posted 25 Apr 2006

    This is my first stab at making a thread that hopefully won't provoke any arguments, leg drops, illegal moves from the top rope or any of the other things the SW forums are known and loved for.

    So, how much were you spoiled for 1, 2 and 3? Did you have a spoiler-free policy? Was it broken (accidentally or intentionally)? Did that marr your enjoyment? Did you read everything that came out before the film? Didn't you care?

    I stayed spoiler free right until the end, despite the extreme difficulties involved when AotC came out in Japan 3 months after the rest of the world got it, and it was nearly impossible to avoid it.
    So, I ended up getting accidently spoiled twice, and both times resulted in (I think) my enjoyment of the film being marred.

    The first being Shmis death.
    The second being that Dooku was a sith.

    That second one seems like a no-brainer now, but at the time I knew nothing so I just thought they'd be another Maul-like introduction in the film.
    Knowing that from the start ruined the whole mystery type scenes at the start, leading me to "its Dooku, move on already!".
    I really knew nothing about 1 or 3, which meant that I enjoyed those 2 a lot more the first time round.
  5. Why didn't...

    Posted 25 Apr 2006

    Han and the others get immediately swept off the landing platform in Cloud City by the incredible force of the wind the second they stepped off the Falcon? They were clearly effected by the wind to some degree, which rules out any lame 'force field' excuse.

    I know it's a little thing, but honestly, it's really bugging me. I simply cannot think of any explanation whatsoever, even a pathetically feeble gusher-type one. Can anyone else help?

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