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  1. In Topic: Clone Wars Movie Premiers

    Posted 21 Aug 2008

    I thought it was alright.

    Nothing special, but a pretty fun way to waste an hour and a half nonetheless. I just don't understand why it was released in the cinema- it plays like exactly what it should be, a straight to DVD stocking filler for the kids.

    I haven't read this site for a while, but a quick scan of the comments on this thread made me remember why I used to like coming here so much.

    Believe it or not, there was a time when good acting, solid writing and a character-driven story where not too much to expect from a Star Wars film. Star Wars was not always a mediocre, popcorn-wolfing experience fit only for small children.

    Classic fantasy land fanboyism!

  2. In Topic: Smash Bros. Brawl

    Posted 9 Feb 2008

    QUOTE (Slade @ Feb 4 2008, 11:33 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Jariten: How did you manage to get it before us? Did you get an import? Oh, wait, you speak Japanese, and are somewhere in Asia, aye? How are you, anyway? You don't pop in much anymore.

    Yes, I'm in Japan, so I just walked into an electronics shop and picked it up. I'm grand, thanks for asking! I've actually cut down my internet time quite a bit all round, its not just Chefelf. I do miss those old SW discussions though...anyway...

    looktothesky- I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean is the original Mario Bros level one of the maps?

    Single player is still boring, even on the higher difficulty settings the computer is stupid. The story mode is also dull, BUT playing it over wi-fi is massively addictive.

    I'm playing as Ike now, who is frustrating in some respects (slow) but really satisfying in others (smashing 2 people off the screen with his forward b attack!)
  3. In Topic: Smash Bros. Brawl

    Posted 3 Feb 2008

    Got it yesterday (had to wait in a 20 minute line to get it too)

    I've played it for a few hours and I'm still not sure what I'm doing. I've only played single player against the comp though (this is the first SB I've played btw), so I might try it over wi-fi later tonight.

    The story mode is fairly boring though (it's like a scrolling platormer?!)
  4. In Topic: Pick-'n-mix canon

    Posted 12 Jan 2008

    Star Wars 1-6, and Shadows of the Empire.

    Maybe this Jar Jar colouring book my nephew got years ago, since it had this story about how Jar Jar got the part for Qui Gon that made Anakins pod work. This proves that without Jar Jar, there would be no Star Wars! One in the eye for the naysayers methinks.
  5. In Topic: The People vs. George Lucas

    Posted 24 Dec 2007

    You're absolutely right of course- your film is a film and as such needs a structure and plot and needs something to tie A to B to C.

    You must realise then, that labelling your film a democratic enterprise is completely misleading. What you will end up doing is what any filmmaker would end up doing, find a structure then filter out the fans' voices to fit it.

    Anyway, good luck with it. I had about as much SW discussion as I could manage in my 'prequel days' on this board so I don't feel up to commentating much myself, but I don't envy you having to wade through the inevitable "Jar Jar sux111" "Mace Windu was way cool!!" "Darth Maul would kick Vaders ass!" comments you're bound to get.

    Oh, if you want an actual democratically made film, check out the 'I Shot That!' concert film the Beastie Boys put out, where they gave 50 people (I think it was 50) cameras and asked them to shoot the gig, then edited together the results. Of course, they didn't have to worry about a story or whatnot like you will, but still.

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