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  1. In Topic: Pandorum Movie Ripped Off 1213 Story?

    Posted 26 May 2010

    I donīt want to ruin your fun m0ds, but the "fountain of youth" thingie has to do with the novel called "On strange tides" which was written in 1988 (itīs about pirates searching for the Fountain of Youth). Coincidentally... no wait, it ainīt a coincidence, but actually the novel is being adapted as Pirates of the Caribbean part four. Coincidentally (or maybe not) the novel also heavily inspired Secret of Monkey Island and its sequels.
  2. In Topic: Pandorum Movie Ripped Off 1213 Story?

    Posted 20 May 2010

    View Post neasy, on 18 May 2010 - 05:02 PM, said:

    Genetic Experiments lead to dangerous mutations in both stories. I know that is vague, but they are experiments aimed at the same result, to create people who can adapt and live in a potentially dangerous, earthlike planet/environment. There is an uprising from the mutants in 1213, and the scientists quarantine themselves to the highest decks of the ship. In Pandorum, the mutants are tribal(ish?), and have basically taken over the ship; not too similar, I know.

    Well, maybe I misunderstood something in the movie, but I thought they established that the "monsters" were just products of natural evolution? They were the descendants of those that were banished to the lower levels?
  3. In Topic: Pandorum Movie Ripped Off 1213 Story?

    Posted 17 May 2010

    View Post Ghello, on 17 May 2010 - 07:45 PM, said:

    I don't see the similarities between a movie where a group of women are killed in cave and 1213.

    Well, I wrote that The Descent was similar to Pandorum. Not so much in story, but in the claustrophobic atmosphere. And the monsters look alike.
  4. In Topic: Pandorum Movie Ripped Off 1213 Story?

    Posted 17 May 2010

    I thought Pandorum was a great movie. I couldnīt catch the similarities to 1213 though. I mean, amnesia is an important plot element in both the movie and the game, but there are millions of games and movies that are like that. The monsters are similar... but I could name other games/movies that are more similar to Pandorum than 1213 (Penumbra, The Descent, Event Horizon etc).

    However it was a long time since I played 1213, I must admit. If 1213 (or some other 4 digit number important to the game) popped up in the movie, I mustīve missed it. Note however that Yahtzee wasnīt the first guy ever to use this number. OTOH I know there was a metal band like 10-15 years ago named Cemetary 1213.
  5. In Topic: The avatar story thread.

    Posted 14 Jan 2010

    I thought this thread was gonna be about the movie. :(

    I have no avatar.

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