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  1. Sorry, guys. I totally forgot about this place.

    Posted 5 Jul 2011

    Anyway, it was my mistake to argue with you. I actually agree with all of you. I want your nations to embrace your opinions. Especially if you're from the US. America is cannibalizing itself right now and your opinions would help it cannibalize faster. And leave every America denizen at the mercy of the government when the government tries to prevent this trend. Which, for good or ill, will free the world from the grip of this so-called hyperpower or, at the very least, neuter it. Obviously I view your opinions as destructive for society, which is why I endorse them. I advocate my opinions for societies which I want to prosper. We're basically on the same side, you know? In laymen terms, I prefer liberty/capitalism for those I love and equality/socialism for those I hate. (Though that's a false description since capitalism makes everyone interdependent thus equal and your version of equality is imposed which isn't true equality. But I digress.) In short, I support you guys 100%. I was so stupid for trying to convince you guys otherwise. Why the hell would I want you to change your opinions? I guess it was because of ego, as is the reason for nearly all things in relation to the human condition.
  2. I put forward a suggestion.

    Posted 26 Dec 2010

    Can we save the prequels through creative editing? Removing all references to angels, removing strange romantic subplots, removing unlikeable characters or cutting their vocal cords when they're no longer necessary to the plot and otherwise revamping the entire trilogy. Can it be done, do you think? Can the prequels be saved? Editing has been used for evil in the past, especially in regards to Lucas and his tampering of the original trilogy. I believe it can be used for good. Tell me your ideas. Which scenes would you change? What would you cut out?
  3. American soldiers caught masturbating while the world pretends to be surprised.

    Posted 7 Apr 2010

    http://www. antiwar.c...ters-civilians/
    1. What a spectacular waste of money. To think there's "people" who want to give these idiots more money. The idiots being bureaucrats, both civilian and military.
    2. This is much more awesome than the way the "insurgents" do it, which is just kidnapping a bunch of people and torturing them to death. Then again, I bet the pilots only have half the testicle mass of the insurgents. If that.
    3. Holy shit, it's so realistic! The way their bodies drop and react to being hit by bullets. Not to mention how the duck behind cover. It's almost as realistic as GTA4.
    4. You want a recruiting video? That's your recruiting video.
  4. Let's discuss this in full.

    Posted 3 Aug 2009

    View Post Gobbler, on 28 July 2009 - 09:06 PM, said:

    I'm still left in confuzzlement by GTA4's ending and the lack of the interesting things which I expected to actually start after that point. :wacko:

    The lack of purpose is a purpose in itself. No matter what franchises like Star Wars or Metal Gear Solid would have you believe, one person (or a clique) can't change the world. They can merely influence the outcome of an event or series of events. It also shows that somebody like Niko Bellic will never find solace as long as they live the way he does and that the people around Niko Bellic have more control over him than he has over himself. Of course I haven't played the other versions of the game because I own a Playstation so I can't say what the ultimate point of the game's plot is.
  5. How do I shot web?

    Posted 28 Jul 2009

    In the previous incarnation of this forum I disabled avatars, pictures and signatures then I left for an undisclosed period of time. Now they're disabled yet I am unable to find the option to enable them. Needless to say, this is keeping me up at night.

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