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  1. Fallout New Vegas

    Posted 20 Apr 2009

    http:// s=i

    Woo, I'm psyched. This the day after getting The Pitt. It's a good news day!
  2. The Shaker Hoods

    Posted 24 Sep 2008

    Thought I would share a band here from the KC scene. I met the drummer through a mutual friend and the music clicked with me instantly. I purchased their album, Mean Machine, at their release show and had a blast.

    Here's their site, which redirects to their myspace: http://theshakerhoods. com/

    Definitely listen to This Chariot May Kill Me.

    I believe all their songs (all 8 as of right now) are available via iTunes.
  3. Ghostbusters canned for good?

    Posted 30 Aug 2008

    So I got an automated call from Gamestop stating that the Ghostbusters game was cancelled and I would be getting my preorder money back. I had kept hearing it was delayed but not cancelled by Activision when they merged Sierra into themself.

    So is this the final nail in the coffin?

    Will another publisher be able to pick this up?

    It seemed the game was so close to completion.
  4. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

    Posted 19 Aug 2008

    So Disgaea 3 is coming to the PS3 next week. Let's discuss.

    Release Date (NA): August 26, 2008
    Platform: Playstation 3
    Related Articles: http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Disgaea_3

    Me? I'm a bit surprised that it's a PS3 release. It seems that the quality of the sprites haven't really necessitated the need for PS3 hardware (especially after seeing titles like Odin Sphere on the PS2). But I didn't happen to snag a PS3 this summer, and this was one of my reasons for doing so.

    I'm a little dissapointed that they're already releasing DLC. I'm so sick of the DLC model for everything.

    However the trailers and such look fun, I can't wait to waste another 100+ hours.
  5. Another Century's Episode

    Posted 7 Apr 2008

    So I'm expecting this in the mail any day now from Play-Asia. Anyone else touched the series or specifically this installment? I played through part 2 (easy to pick up even if I can't read a word of it). It was a blast and a half. Essentially it's a quick paced mech simulator (part flight, part ground). With characters and objectives ripped from popular mech titles, with original content and story. To tell you how cool that gets, there's a mission with the Argama, Macross and Nadesico B all next to each other.

    Here's an obligatory link for more info including a pilot roster:
    http://en. wikipedia....y%27s_Episode_3

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