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  1. Redlettermedia AOTC review announced

    Posted 2 Apr 2010

    According to redlettermedia twitter acount, as announced on 1st April (no, that was NOT April Fool's day). The anticipation among fans is growing! In the meantime, I checked his less known work
    The Unitesd States of Noooo, featuring the infamous Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker Noooo at the end of ROTS: /27/djIm4ib7kug

    Seems that we know at least one topic that is going to deature in upcoming ROTS review (hopefully there will be one!

  2. Season SIx Lost premiere on 2nd February!

    Posted 1 Feb 2010

    So, after five years we are about to get the last installment of the saga.
    Thanks to megavideo I am hoping to watch it only 3 to 4 days later than the general American audience, and quite legally, too, which I cannot stop wondering at with immense gratitude.

    I am also hoping it will end in style and match the seasons 1 and 5 in novel ideals, story telling, thrills and good-quality on-screen kisses.

    And there will be no more lame characters or filler material, and loose ends will be tied accordingly.

    BTW , did anyone just loved the scene in Season 5 where Hurtey was writing script of The Empire Strikes Back? I believe it was one of the most hilarious scenes in the whole series.
  3. The People vs George Lucas - what is going on

    Posted 31 Jan 2010

    SOme time ago Chefelf was asked to participate in a venture by an Alexandre Philippe called The People vs George Lucas. I have received couple of newsletters since then, but I checked the website and the project seems to have faltered a bit. My question is - does anybody care enought o be interested at all at this point?

    Seems to me that to the general public prequest were pretty much non-existent. Sure, they made GL even more wealthy and sold some Pepsi and Tacos, and they pushed origial Star Wars further down in the biggest grossing films of all time (together with ALL Harry Potter films), but their cultiral impact is pretty much zilch.

    Last episode of House MD had House asking his patinet "When you were watching Star Wars, which side were you on" I am pretty sure he DID NOT mean "Were you on Trade Federation's side or Nabooian's side" or "Were you on Count Dookus side or Clones'/Sonic the Hedgehog's side" or "Were you on General Grievous's side or the guy with the mullet side?"
    I am pretty sure it meant "were you on the evil empire's side or brave rebels's side".

    Thus, I believe that the project was dropped due to universal lack of interest.
  4. The Witcher

    Posted 9 Nov 2007

    I will perform a bit of shameless self-promotion for my country by giving you all this link:
    http://www.thewitcher. com/

    Be warned, however, that the site will ask you for age verification, allegedly because the opening movie of the game which can be seen in this website is pretty gory... And the game is 18+ due to blood, violence and sexual content.

    It was made by a Polish company CDprojekw in co-operation with Bioware (KOTOR!) using their Aurora Engine. It boasts that it is a true RPG, meaning you are not only collecting items and gain XP, but there is true character development. Graphics is pretty impressve, almost like Oblivion and the faces are prettier.

    The thing is those who did not read the story on which the game was based may not easily understand what is going on. The stories were quire a hit in Poland in late nineties, taking a post-modernist view on fantasy Tolkien-like world (wizards, elves, dwarves, dragons, etc). ANyway, at least enjoy the graphic.
  5. Heroes of Might and Magic V

    Posted 17 Mar 2007

    So, if anyone played it, could someone please explain to me the development systems for heroes?

    But to start from the beginning:
    I got the game last year, as soon as it was out. I loved HOMMIV, but never played HOMM III. I believe that if someone did, then HOMM V would be easier and more understandable.
    For me some features were really hard to get used to:
    1. Representation of the terrain and possiblity to zoon and change angle. Sure, it allowed me to admire lovely 3D structures, but if I zoomed too close and more "horizontally" I had no idea where I was on the map. On the other hand, if I zoomed out and chose top view, the biuldings and artifact were hard to recognise.
    2. Where are the caravans? If I captures some building producing troops, I had to make trips to get them!
    3. What exactly does it take to promote troops?
    4. How to you develop your hero? It was all so simple in HOMM IV. Here I have skills and abilities, and it does not say clearly what exactly are you able to achieve by it and what comes next. Once I did not select "training" skill, I could not get it on any other occasion. I played whole Haven campaig, and I still have no idea how to properly train your hero
    5. Battles actually look downgraded from version IV
    6. I canot have more than one hero to an army, I cannot have armies without heroes. For HOMMIV, if I had a Chaos mage, a priest, a druid and Order mage, and some 4th grade creatures, I was invincible. Here, with one mage, there is actually very little by way of magic you can do
    7. Sure, the movies and dialogues are cute. But the heroes are actually uglier than in HOMMIV! Creatures too!

    So, in total, a disappointment for me. Or maybe I just don't know how to play it.

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