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  1. In Topic: Star Trek sucked and you hated it..

    Posted 5 Sep 2010

    AND he also confirms my point of view that this is not about Start Trek but brand recognition and marketability. And he not as much as likes it, but admits that this is "guilty pleasure". Even if it does not make any sense, it is still watchable, and not so offensive as TNG films.

    It is funny how similar were my gut feelings about this flick to what is clearly spelled out to Plinkett in the review. With the exception that I actually liked the episode "Parallel" in TNG. I accepted long time ago that SciFi in Star Trek does not make a lot of sense.

    One more think - it will be curious to see if Plinkett's prophecy that another Start Trek film would be made comes true.
  2. In Topic: Should G Lucas be court ordered to never make another Stars Wars Film.

    Posted 3 Sep 2010

    Nick :) How lovely to see you - long time no see :)
  3. In Topic: Star Trek sucked and you hated it..

    Posted 3 Sep 2010

    Look, I am not defending the stupid flick. I am just saying that most people will enjoy it and the cognoscenti in their forties who care about the original series do not exactly make the box office success these days. And this is why JJ Abrams made the schlock. Not even as a homage. Just something to milk. And yes, analogy with Transformers is perfectly valid.

    AND! Redlettermedia made Plinkett review of Start Trek - I am about to see it now! It will be mightly interesting if Mike Stoklasa made the same points as our very own Mike :)
  4. In Topic: Star Trek sucked and you hated it..

    Posted 31 Aug 2010

    I had a sleeples last night, so I decided to watch again both Star Trek Rebot and Wrath of Khan (well, bits of it).

    I have to say, it is difficult for a person who never saw one single episode of ST Original Series to totally hate STR.
    Well, for starters, the flick just never takes itself seriously. It is like watching a cartoon - I realise that cartoons are unrealistic but it does not prevent me from watching and enjoying them (like the gig when a charaters runs towards a cliff or a brigde than ends and for several stepc continues to run horizontally, as if the bridge had been there, but then realizes it is not a falls vertically down - always made me wonder why, if it was possible to run horizontally in the air in the first place, not try just a little harder and make it to safety?)

    Wrath of Khan and all other stuff I saw (ST:TNG and all ST TNG films) takes itself sooo seriously, I suppose it is Gene Roddenberry touch (ever saw the Andromeda series? - gosh - that is a fine piece of "moralistic" TV).

    So, ok, nothing made sense in STR- but also it didn't in Lost and yet people continued to watch is, me included. Only, if you expected that story holds water together in the end, you end up disappointed. I feld mightly cheated while forcing myself to watch season 6 - I just could not believe that even is season six they continued to add more tangled plots and not very far into the series I knew they will never explain the stuff from the beginning, apparently, they just lied that they had it all planned.

    Maybe with STR producers/writers were just as lazy? They perhaps assumed that some people like me never saw original Series, and knew Kirk only as a reference in other Star Trek stuff or even popular culture. If so, who would care about details? Let's make a lot of flashing lights on board of ships, lots of explosions, characters altered so they are no longer boooring, throw in a couple of references for the true buffs and voila - it will be just as successfull as Lost. A few disgruntled fans do not make a box office failutre. Ands sadly, they were right.
  5. In Topic: Star Trek sucked and you hated it..

    Posted 19 Aug 2010

    Well Civ, that was an exhaustive summary.

    And yes, you are probably right about all.

    I can see now what is MY problem with the "film". I simply never cared much about original series. Never watched as a kid and only started watching TGN around mid nineties and Kirk, Spock and some other members of the crew to me are just a reference or annoying presence (Scotty in Relics, I believe) Once you never establish the connection with the original, you just dont't care about flagrant lack of continuity, because the basic facts are just not there. Uhura - having hots for Spock - well, to me means very little if anything.
    The rest - I believe it is perhaps on par with the TNG movies, where there are time travel and dumb revenge plots galore.

    However, it is much easier for me to understand why I hate the TNG films - because I like the original characters and it pisses me no end that they made Troi a dumb broad, Picard a crazy bloodthirsty maniac, WOrf and Data are comic reliefs and RIker forgets how to fly a ship.

    The producers of STAR TREK also could not care less about the characters or story - what mattered was the funky, futuristic look. I can imagine the endless discussion how to make ships interiors and uniforms make look to resemble originals and yet do not seem ridiculous.

    good thing is, your review made me wish to see the original star trek films once again, Wrath of Khan in particular.

    Thanks a lot, anyway, it made for an interesting read :)

    Off TOpic- I hated the new Robin Hood film. OMG, how I hated it. And I waited for this load of crap almost two years with great anticipation. What disappointment.

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