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  1. Star Wars-episode VII

    Posted 27 Feb 2008

    well, we are! Its been 3 yrs since the last Star Wars movie came out in 2005, and if Lucas didnt have his head up his cosmic ass by flat out lying to every fan saying that he never envisioned 12 episodes in the SW saga, we would undoubtedly be treated to another Star Wars film

    ..cause as every fan knows, these damn films take 3 yrs to make, and are released as such, every 3 years.

    but looks like this isnt happening for a while.

    but wait a minute, the last film was episode III, ..and since IV, V, and VI were completed by the mid-eighties, leaves the cast from III looking for other roles to pursue.

    Now, of course, Lucas could get very creative with episode VII and bring back Hayden and Natalie in a typical holographic form in the next chapter, as to keep them alive in the story.

    THAT would be interesting, and as anyone knows, Lucas' writing never makes too much logic anyways.

    But arent getting any new Star Wars Hayden stars in "Jumper", and Natalie is in "The Other Boleyn Girl"...which find it interesting that both films were released in February.

    you see,.. the plots for both films could somehow be intertwined and seasoned heavily with Lucasfilm flair to create "The Other Boleyn Jedi Jumper"

    or "Return of the Other Boleyn Jumper Girl"

    my personal favorite: ..."The Other Boleyn Girl is a Jedi Jumper" (bwa-ha ha ha ha!!!!)

    " A New Hope for the other Jedi Jumper who Strikes Back at the Boleyn Girl's Empire"

    "Revenge of the other Boleyn Clone Attack Girl who is a Phantom Sith Jumper Menace"

    "Dont Return Attack Strikes or Revenge to be a Jumper Clone Menace to the Other New Hope Boleyn Sith Girl Society while Drinking your Phantom Jedi Juice in the Empire Hood"

    To the Other Wong Foo Jumper Attack Girl, Thanks for Everything in the Phantom Clone Empire, from Sith Julie Newmar
  2. a lot of things suck today

    Posted 19 Dec 2007

    A lot of things suck ass today, and maybe im leaning towards being nostalgic, but I dont give a f***.

    I wont lie though DVD technology is pretty damn awesome, I had to wait about 25 yrs though before I was finally able to watch a movie at home and not have to worry about rewinding it..but scratch a DVD and your house party will pretty much bail out on you . good thing i do still have some VHS backups just in case, right?

    Music today just seems to suck ass. Sure theres a handful of bands out there that I may randomly choose to label as having some talent to a certain degree, but on the whole they seem to lack overall talent. I grew up in the in 1980's when most bands played their own damn instruments without any need of digital editing whatsoever. Heck, digital technology was barely beginning to surface in that time, which a lot of music aficiandos such as myself will note a varying audio difference between a track that has been digitally remastered and that which still retains the essence of being the actual master on the analog tape.

    I have been crying a slow solemn tear ever since a lot of really good music began to fall right off the radio in favor of teeny-bopper boybands and R&B which have seemed to dominate the charts ever since music pirating has been a hot online commodity. In the days of free Napster, no one continued buying music anymore,.well no one with a computer and the ability to download free music, which means the music industry began to primarily dominated by prepubescent girls who seemed to be the only ones walked out of a record store and bought the newest Nsync or Backside Boys album with their monthly allowance. Whatever this specific demographic bought is what began to dominate the music charts and paved the shitty road ahead for other miserable acts like Justin Timberlake, Pink, Nelly, Mario, Bow Wow, and everyone else who thinks they have talent and are putting out album after album only because the only people left buying music from the music shops anymore are those people who wont be legally able to drive themselves to the nearest mall for another 4 to 5 yrs.

    and whats with the "feature" thing now, it seems every other act today now has to "feature" another act. if they are calling themselves musicians, or artists,.dont they possess enough talent to go it out alone on their own damn song??...Nelly f/ Pink,..Timbaland f/ Nas...Wu-Tang Clan f/ Pussycat Dolls. Thats crazy! Prince never needed to feature Michael Jackson, and Kiss never needed to feature Tesla,.so why the hell is every other artist featuring someone? and why does this seem to be largely relegated towards the R&B and/or pop genre? sure is sending a strong message.

    Right around 1999,.or maybe it was 2001 ( I cant remember exactly) the whole music industry took a head first dive into a sewer plant. Music began to suck. Rock just seemed to turn pussified in favor of punk rock. Even Gwen Stefani sold out and shedded her rock roots in favor of the R&B/pop that every other 13 yr old girl was buying in every corner record store.

    Why are there more artists than ever now? it seems like every other damn week theres a brand new fresh artist in either the Pop genre or R&B genre coming out. Theres more shitty records to choose from than ever before now. Where's the quality control department in the recording industry?? Cause im not buying this bullshit that just anyone out there has talent and can make an album.

    Why are more and more white guys acting like they are black? This isnt a racist view, so please dont try to twist this into one. Black folks are just as cool as white folks are. But for the love of Christ,.act normal. Justin Timberlake is the sorriest mainstream sellout excuse I have ever encountered. His voice sounds like a chipmunk, and I havent decided if its Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.

    and this isnt just a rant thats targeted at any specific genre,.but really, all of them. Everything has taken a head-on crash into a mountain of crap. Country has gone Rock-pop. Pop has gone R&B-ish. Hip-Hop has became so fast that most of the lyrics sound like they are being voiced by an intoxicated incoherent Jamaican.

    Dont even get me started on these silly bullshit shows like American Idol, America's got talent, and the like. Since when can anyone just sing a handful of songs to a studio audience that can be impressed with glazed dog manure as well, AND get a full-fledged recording deal as well??..WTF!?..whatever happened to bands having to play in countless bars and dives for many years before being even noticed by key individuals in the recording industry. thats a crock of shit is what that is.

    a famous quote from the 1989 film "Black Rain"..."Movies and music is all America is good for!"
    Well apparently that Japanese guy that said that was sorely mistaken, because America isnt even good for THAT anymore! Ive ranted enough about how music today sucks, so lets move onto movies.

    I grew up in a time when most very other cartoon was HAND-DRAWN. Ouch! sore thumbs. Its required a lot of painstaking time to bring an animated classic to the big screen, but when it happened it looked awesome, and the vocal dialogue wasnt as cheesy as it is now. Theres almost no more animated films anymore. Only the diligent, hard working Japanese still make those, because Americans have no talent, and would much rather sit down in front of a computer with a graphics app and point and click and drag a mouse around all day to make a film.

    Even George Lucas isnt walking around on the set, frantically worried about how rubber puppets wont work too well on the film like he did with all of the older Star Wars films. No. With this new pile of crap films, he just sat his grey fat ass in a comfy leather chair behind head nerd Rob Coleman and told him what to do and how long to do it for, while they both got drunken with inflatuence eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.

    Then theres these famous people that tend to wear more occupational hats than the hardest working Jamaican. They are actor/film director/musician/comic/talk show/game show host. I cant seem to think of anyone right off the bat, but Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Lopez, and a few others seem to come to mind.

    lets move onto clothes. it seems every other kid is either trying to wear all black and don themselves black makeup, green hair, and doggy chains around their necks. what the fuck is this shit. if you went to my grade school looking like that back in the day, they would have kicked your ass and used the doggy chains to chain your count dickula-ass up to a see-saw on the playground. Only the black kids could get away with dressing crazy, and thats only back when Michael Jackson was black and he made parachute pants and weaing glittery gloves cool.

    Posted 26 Aug 2007

    i just recently learned of this upcoming film and saw the trailer.

    it looks awesome,.and it makes you wonder if j.j. abrams is playing a joke on everyone, and plans to move the date of his secret cloverfield film up a couple of months. maybe its not cloverfield..but you cant deny some of the similarities between this trailer and the cloverfield trailer,.as far as some of the basic premise elements are concerned...

    japan references...huge meteorite hits earth..monsters attacking urban city..huge monster growls followed by catastrophic already seeing some things in common.

  4. Paramount & Dreamworks drop BluRay

    Posted 21 Aug 2007

    I recently learned of this story, and found it to be rather interesting

    http: // 7.html

    I actually read the story from USAToday on my cell phone at work, but its all pretty much the same story,..paramount and dreamworks are dropping bluray in favor of hddvd.

    This was the same story about 20 years ago, when consumers were confused whether to go with BetaMax or VHS (the latter obviously won).

    Im not an expert on either BluRay or HD DVD, but if they are both as spectacular as both claim to be, why cant they both co-exist in friendly competition? Why must one die out so that the other reigns supreme. Im not saying this will ultimately be the outcome, but its certainly headed that way.

    ..and what gets me, is the vagueness of the bullshit corporate responses we as consumers are fed as to the reasoning for why both dreamworks and paramount both decided to drop bluray support.

    the response went something like this: "we decided to go with hd dvd because we want our consumers to have the best in home entertainment experiences,.and thats what hddvd is all about."

    no..i bet the real reason is that there was a lot of damn money involved somewhere on the table, that convinced and/or coerced both studios to execute this decision. they were probably thinking: "gee, sony's not selling a lot of their ps3's,.and if people arent buying a game machine w/ a built in bluray player,.why would they want to buy a bluray player alone around the same price?,..we better jump off of the bluray ship before it sinks fast"

    i hope that hddvd doesnt become the standard, just for the simple fact that i hate looking at that hideously ugly chocolate brown color thats on every hddvd jacket..i would much rather look at sony's soft electric blue color anyday.

    if paramount & dreamworks think that they can force people to buy hd dvd players by only releasing newer films only on the hd dvd format...and not on traditional dvd..they are dead wrong. the only thing that will encourage will be more bootleging and piracy. some genuis will figure out a way to transfer the films from the hd dvd format and put them on a standard dvd and sell them on the black market illegally.
  5. name that video game

    Posted 18 Aug 2007

    self explanatory, pretty much. list something from a particular game, and see if others can guess what game it came from. no using google to get the answers either. cheaters.

    here goes the first entry....

    It was back in 1849,
    At the Springfield Golden Nugget Mine,

    That my great-grandma Dolores saved the day,
    When she propped the shaft and saved the lives,
    Of the other forty other Springfield wives,
    When all ma grandpa's buddies ran away

    The menfolk found their women scary,
    Cos they were so big and hairy,
    They thought of dynamite to seal them in

    Gramps was known as 'Chapped Lips Calhoun',
    He was in the local saloon,
    In came Billy-Joe Walton through the door,
    He said "They're blown the Golden Nugget!"
    My grandaddy said "Oh f....darn it!"
    "You've buried my Dolores, my sweet little golden 'ore"

    Swing it, son

    Now my grandaddy jumped up from his table,
    Finished his jug,
    And he got up to that mine just as lickety-darn-split as he could,
    Stopped off to fetch a shovel,
    Feed the dogs,
    Brush his teeth,
    Clean the John and give his hoss one final rubdown

    Cos a cowboy's life ain't easy and a cowboy's life is hard,
    You can take him from the saddle,
    But he'll be forever scarred

    Cos my grandpa was a man in love,
    Called Dolores his 'prairie dove',
    And he told her that he loved her with every sigh

    Cos she never once forgave him,
    Even underneath the cave-in,
    But he knew she would forgive him,
    In that goldmine in the sky

    Goldmine in the sky

    Oh yeah, goin' all the way back there,
    That was the Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun by the late Sideways Hank O'Malley and the Alabama Bottle Boys,
    And you know, that was so good ah reckon ah'll play it again

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