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  1. Saints Row 2

    Posted 29 Oct 2008

    Saints Row 2

    Good review, I really would like this game but can't afford it, damned cost of living.
  2. The Force Unleashed

    Posted 8 Oct 2008

    New ZP
    The Force Unleashed

    Another entertaining review.
    Played the demo and didn't like it, I already have Second Sight and Psi Ops, and they do similar powers better than this does.
  3. Prince of Persia Retrospective

    Posted 13 Aug 2008

    New ZP: Zero Punctuation

    I always liked the Prince of Persia games and my only reason for not completing Sands of Time is that somebody covered the disc in cake.

    Also, what are those top games? My guesses are Silent Hill 2, Sands of Time obviously, Portal, and either Resident Evil 4 or Spiderman 2. No idea what the last one could be.

    Commence Discussion.
  4. Escapist Showing repeats?

    Posted 11 Jun 2008

    This weeks ZP is...a repeat?
    It's the console rundown again, which confuses me to no end.
    Does this mean no new ZP this week?
  5. ZP: Condemned 2

    Posted 16 Apr 2008

    Condemned 2

    Good review. Also agree that Indigo Prophecy syndrome sucks, as well as revealing the mystery. Things are much creepier if there isn't a clear reason for it.

    Was thinking of getting this, probably won't now. Might pick up the original though.

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