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  1. silly scene in ESB. anyone know??

    Posted 26 Sep 2009

    i have an age-old undying question about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back that has been bugging me for eons and I was wondering if perhaps someone knows the answer to this question.

    Im under the impression that SW:ESB must contain a deleted scene, but if this is the case, Im not exactly what was deleted or the reason for any deletions, etc.

    The scene Im referring to occurs at exactly 00:21:45. Luke is shown running up to Chewbacca who is standing underneath the Millenium Falcon and Chewie gives him a big hug.

    Soon after this, Luke turns his attention to Han who is making repairs atop the Falcon who asks Luke "are you alright?"

    Luke responds by nodding his head and a short "yeah", and then begins to open his mouth agape as if he is about to say something, the camera then pans back to Han who gives a smirk (as if he is replying in jest at something deleted Luke may have said).

    The camera then pans back to Luke who continues making unwarranted head nods out of sheer nothingness (..or presumed deleted dialogue). In the middle of his silliness, Luke produces a cheesy smile that looks even more silly cause we have no idea why he is smiling from ear to ear like that.

    Han then ends Luke's silly head gestures by advising "Be careful", and Luke replies by saying "You too".

    and thats basically the end of the scene in question.

    Luke just looks like a retard with Parkinsons, like he is simply unable to control his head from nodding.

    So because the scene looks so silly as it stands Ive always wondered if this scene may have originally contained more dialogue than what were presented with?
  2. create your own movie

    Posted 4 Nov 2008

    briefly tell of what your movie would be about: the characters, synopsis, genre, plot, etc.

    use your own original idea or borrow & merge characters and ideas from other known films to create your own unique cinematic concoction.

    keep the same title, create your own title, or do a simply swap of words to do a tongue-in-cheek play on the current titles given name.

    or if theres any film that exists that you would make major or minor alterations or improvements to, then tell of what changes you would make to which film to make it better.

    lights, camera, keyboard....
  3. lego batman

    Posted 28 Oct 2008

    did a search on this game, and was surprised no one yet created a thread for it (given the large number of batman fans on this site)

    has anyone played/bought this game yet? i own both of the star wars lego games and enjoy them, but i hoping lego batman isnt just using the star wars lego engine and swapping out the characters and storyline. does it bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay?

    the game retails for $29.99 for ps2, but ive seen it elsewhere for ps2 for $39.99. Im not too concerned with getting the game as of right now, cause i know its pretty much destined for $19.99 greatest hits status by early-mid 2009.

    your thoughts?
  4. your favorite (now defunct) game publisher of yore

    Posted 26 Sep 2008

    who was/is your favorite game publisher of yesteryear that now no longer makes games? (Ex: LJN, Acclaim, Williams, etc.)

    for me, it is Data East. They made a plethora of hits for the NES console: Karate Champ, Heavy Barrel, Burgertime, Bad Dudes, Sly Spy, RoboCop, Bump 'n' Jump, and Ring King.
  5. Terminator-Salvation

    Posted 3 Sep 2008

    Its Sept 2008, and I am highly anticipating the arrival of "Terminator-Salvation" . After a disappointing 3rd installment, I have high hopes for this 4th, especially knowing that Christian Bale (a fine actor in my book) is playing the role of John Connor.

    This new installment abandons the "sending-a-terminator- back-in-time" premise, and focuses on the war itself. Its somewhat of a sequel, and somewhat of a prequel, and tells the story of how we got there.

    anyone else cant wait for this film?

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