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  1. In Topic: Most annoing NES games

    Posted 26 Jul 2009

    "he's gonna take you back to the play some shitty games that suck ass..."
  2. In Topic: Batman:Eddie Murphy - The Riddler?

    Posted 26 Jun 2009

    QUOTE (Vesuvius @ Jun 25 2009, 12:08 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I don't know about the character of the Riddler in these new Batman films, especially directed by Christopher Nolan.

    What I've noticed about Batman Begins and the Dark Knight is that none of the villains come of as deliberately comical. These are serious people that have serious, darker, emotional problems. Scarecrow was sick in the head. Joker was a maniac whose only joy was chaos. Two-face was a fallen and broken "knight in shining armor." The Riddler would have to follow a path that carves him as genuine, not a goofball or someone even clever or funny.

    I actually wouldn't want to see the Riddler in a CN directed film that is doing silly things, therefore he shouldn't be played by someone known for their rampant sillyness. I don't think that these CN films would even allow a man in green tights to grace the screen, spewing riddles that can be figured out by six year olds. These movies are more on the serious side.

    Conan O'Brien is a funny guy and all, but he'd be better suited for either a Tim Burton film or a Joel Schumacher atrocity. Actually, wait, I'd say it would be Johnny Depp if it were a Tim Burton film...

    If the Riddler did make an appearance in a new Batman film, it would have to be someone that is not known for humorous roles or a jolly disposition, the Riddler should be played by a thinker, not a moron.

    so, based upon your input, who would you suggest as candidates for consideration for the role of the Riddler for a CN directed film?
  3. In Topic: Batman:Eddie Murphy - The Riddler?

    Posted 25 Jun 2009

    QUOTE (Sailor Abbey @ Dec 18 2008, 05:46 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    http: // ece

    sick.gif Eddie Murphy is a terrible actor. I wish Nolan the best of luck... it sounds like he's going to need it this time.


    i could see Conan O'Brien playing the riddler, someone with Irish ancestry and a bit of tongue in cheek humor.
  4. In Topic: Shows that were killed by running too long

    Posted 1 Jun 2009

    QUOTE (TruJade @ May 24 2009, 02:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I don't think Scrubs will survive its next season without JD
    i just don't see it happening

    The Simpsons have lessened in hilarity
    and like Family Guy are going for the cheap laughs and predictability

    The Office however is still funny
    but it maybe best to put a timeline ending on this show

    As for Heroes i gave up on that show in its second season
    i could feel the terribleness growing and i wanted no part of it

    The Simpsons reached the height of their popularity in the early 90's, the movie came out way too late. I think Fox would have cancelled the series by now, but are just letting the series wane gradually as to try to save face.
  5. In Topic: Terminator-Salvation

    Posted 1 Jun 2009

    **************** SPOILER alert **************************************

    *****SPOLIER alert***** SPOILER alert ***************************************

    ok, so i finally saw this movie today and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. I found the movie to be better than the original and the third installment and just under the caliber of T2.

    Many fans complained of a lack of storyline with T3, this newest film definitely does not lack in the story department. There's definitely a rich and deep story there, but the speed of the story moves so fast that if you must use the restroom, youre pretty much screwed cause whoever you brought to the theatre with you wont be able to update you on what you missed in due time.

    Where T2 was pretty much embued with black and metallic blue hues in the majority of the film. This film seems to have been shot with a camera equipped with a slightly sepia-toned lens to create the dusty brown apocalyptic desert feel that much of the film has.

    The acting is great, and even Michael Ironside isnt as wooden as he was in some of his more annoying films such as Total Recall. Christian Bale gives an outstanding performance, and although much aged, the voice-over performance given by Linda Hamilton's cameo shows she tried to keep the tone of her voice youthful as to match in similiarity what Sarah Conner sounded like prior to her death.

    Unlike the first 3 films where the filming locations would change rapidly from one locale to the next, this newest film doesnt really have too many locations that differ one from the other. In contrast however, the storyline does get deeper and deeper as the film moves along. So much so, that it could be said that Terminator Salvation is actually a 4 hour film condensed in about half the timeframe.

    One key difference that sets this film apart from the others is that because the storyline is moving so fast, that during crucial dramatic scenes..especially those scenes that feature much emotional involvement, the film doesnt rest or idle for very long to reflect on the moment in question. It basically presents it, explains why the scene transpired, and then quickly moves onto the next scene. All this being said, its done with much style, and never leaves a mundane moment in place.

    The film has many surprises, and one of its best attributes is the sound. During many action scenes, the sound is so incredible it makes you really feel like youre right there. The film is done so well thats its also difficult to ascertain which scenes contain CG and which do not, beyond the more obvious CG elements such as the Terminators themself, etc.

    Moon Bloodgood is definitely a storyline distraction for the male audience as her beauty is quite captivating. Overall, the cast is well played out and logic flows smoothly as its explained how and why each character is related to other characters in the story.

    There are countless homages that are paid to the franchise in this newest installment including:

    * "Ill be back"
    * "Come with me if you want to live"
    * "There is no fate but what we make"
    * Guns & Roses' "You could be mine" being played
    * John Connor demonstrating his many skills acquired during T2, including when he used what looked like a USB cable to interface a computer security system to gain entrance to a locked door.

    I noticed very few continuity flaws in the film, but what I noticed was:

    The 7-11 still having gas prices listed around $1.50 (its 2018, and even though Judgment Day happened years beforehand, the gas prices should still reflect what they were on the day JD transpired)

    The obvious wider jaws on the Terminator exo-skeletons, which is a contrasted departure from the sleeker jaw designs of the first 3 films jaw designs.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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