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Glad to say that I read about Chefelf's "Reasons to Hate TPM" in Entertainment Weekly, about the time AOTC came out (May 2002). A grace thing really.
I felt the same way of course, and hope you do too-
or at least think it through. :)
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  1. In Topic: Bea Arthur: Goodnight, but not Goodbye

    Posted 11 May 2009

    Not to nitpick, but the day after the SWHS aired, was a Saturday. smile.gif

    God Bless Bea Arthur. And God rest her wardrobe.
  2. In Topic: The People Vs. George Teaser Trailer

    Posted 17 Feb 2009

    I saw that on Geekshow. Wow, Looks like a real film after all. Don't know what I could add which hasn't been beaten to death already... Accepting submissions till September.
  3. In Topic: I Hate The Mini Cooper

    Posted 9 Aug 2008

    Oh, there's a long list of why to be less than thrilled with the models, 2007-on. Glad I got in with an '06 while it was still fun (and they'd just perfected it), and yes, inspired. If you can request one of those (or a cabrio- built before the last month or so), I really believe you'll have a lot more fun.

    Incidentally, I have a special chip which (double click up) toggles the windows auto-up. Love it. Sprung for the version with the 1/2 second "up" on the door lock/unlock toggle, for Garage door access. cool.gif It just gets better and better.

    Agreed, the advertising is too smug. We already don't need anymore on the road, thanks. And no, I wouldn't trade my gen-1 for the new clubbie; even if I will be needing a baby seat.

    Hope you can drive the pre R56, Nate.
  4. In Topic: Mr. & Mrs. Chefelf

    Posted 20 Jun 2008

    Congrats, Chef. Best Wishes, Jen!!

    I come to take a look and find out this happened?
    Bout time. Ladybug and I are very happy the both of you!

    God Bless you two!!!!
  5. In Topic: US Elections

    Posted 7 Mar 2008

    I can't believe J m doesn't want the socialist would-be dictatress as his next excellency. Not like one gets to pick their dictator you know, that's just the trade-off for an advanced republic.

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