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  1. What are your top 5 favorite albums of all time?

    Posted 7 Aug 2007

    Mine would be:

    1) Pink Floyd - The Wall
    2) Metallica - Master of Puppets
    3) Nightwish - Oceanborn
    4) Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
    5) King Diamond - Abigail

    With other favorites including, but not limited to:

    * Alice Cooper - Dragontown
    * Alice Cooper - Trash
    * AC/DC - Back in Black
    * Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
    * Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks (Underdog World Strike)
    * Iron Maiden - Powerslave
    * King Diamond - The Puppet Master
    * Faith No More - The Real Thing
    * Megadeth - United Abominations
    * All the pre-Black Album Metallica records: Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, ...And Jusice For All
    * Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

    And more!

    What about you guys?
  2. What are you listening to now?

    Posted 2 Aug 2007

    Basically, you post what song you're currently listening to. This is to determine everyone's musical taste...

    For me, at the moment, it's Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Live at Woodstock 1994).
  3. Dan wrote some songs... Well, more like song lyrics.

    Posted 2 Aug 2007

    Right, these were for this diary of a fictional record label company based on a game called Chart Wars 3 to add a little more depth to it.

    Inspired by my girlfriend, I have written so far 10 tracks.

    And now, I'd like some feedback. But first, I should lay down some backstory to help you understand the songs better...

    The songs are for albums made by the fictional rock band Satan's Night Out. They are big fans of King Diamond. Now, then, they released two concept albums: "Deathwood" and "Dark Sanitarium".

    Deathwood' s based a bit on the Chzo Mythos, meaning that the Mind and Soul of a God of Pain Sickness is accidentally stored into a tree, which undergoes a lot of changes over the years, but remains just as evil, bringing death to all around it.

    I think my songs for that album are too experimental to show, but if people are curious, I'll show those as well.

    Meanwhile, I'll now give out the first two tracks of "Dark Sanitarium" which I just wrote.

    Bear in mind, please, the credits:
    (I've kept the "real composers' names" just for the hell of it...)
    * Vocals, Song Writing - Katie Gray
    * Backing Vocals, Additional Song Writing - King Diamond
    * Lead Guitar, Song Writing - Steve Harris
    * Bass Guitar - Adam Shaw
    * Producer - Dan Neshor (that's actually me, and I'm also the CEO of the label, but that's another story)

    And now, the songs...

    Written by Katie Gray and King Diamond


    [spoken, high-pitch voice]
    Welcome, Mr. Diamond, to the Oak Sanitarium.

    I' m not crazy! Get me out of here, now!

    [spoken, high-pitch voice]
    Gag him.

    Ahh, that's better.

    Now, King- May I call you King?
    This is Oak Sanitarium. The Electroshock Therapy room is below, in the basement. Your room is upstairs, and we've even got a graveyard! In case, God forbid, any of your friends here die, they'll be buried there, and you can visit them.

    [Bass solo]

    [Sound of door being closed and locked]

    Good night, King!


    [Bass fade out]

    Written by Steve Harris and Katie Gray

    [Enter hard instrumentals]

    [low, almost growl]
    I'm not crazy,
    I'm not crazy,

    But I think I'm going crazy...

    [from low to high]
    Crazy.. .

    [Short and Fast Solo (30 sec.): Steve]

    I hear voices,
    [whisper]Voices in the night
    I hear voices,
    Voices in the [high, long]NIGHT!

    Leave me alone,
    [whisper]Voices in the night,
    Leave me alone,
    Voices in the [high, long]NIGHT!

    [operatic, high]
    King, listen to my voice,

    No, I'm not crazy!

    [operatic, high]
    King, you have no choice,

    No, my vision's getting hazy...

    [very high]
    BUT NO!

    I'm putting my ear to the door,
    I hear from outside screams of horror,
    Outside I imagine blood, gore,
    I can't move!

    What' s going on outside?
    What is this place?
    My tongue is tied.
    I can't move my face.
    I can't move!

    [operatic, high]
    King, this place is not for you,

    No, I'm not crazy!

    [operatic, high]
    King, if only you knew...

    [4-Minute Solo: Steve, during which King screams for freedom]

    [King goes insane]

    KING (As the Doctor):
    ... Well, Martha, what about the new arrivals? I need some fresh meat...


    Comment, please, while I write more...
  4. The AGSers want you, Yahtzee!

    Posted 12 Apr 2007

    You know, a topic like this one pops up at least once a week.

    Yahtz should go on the forums just to tell everyone to smeg off...
  5. StarCraft vs. WarCraft

    Posted 28 Jan 2007

    Now, as far as RTS game makers go, I love Blizzard. But I love them for two things. One is StarCraft, the other is Diablo.

    But am I the only one who thinks that all WarCraft are average at best?

    WarCraft 1 was innovative for it's time gameplay-wise, but the sides were identical, and there wasn't much of a story.
    WarCraft 2, again, brought on a simplified interface (although C&C had an even simpler one two years earlier) but again, the sides were pretty much the same, and the story wasn't that much to to talk about...
    WarCraft 3 was just a cheap rip-off of StarCraft, only RPG-ified and 3D-ified.

    And it sadens me to see that Blizzard are milking WarCraft for all it's worth while StarCraft lies in shelves of game stores for 8 dolars or less.

    What's your take?

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