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  1. In Topic: Good News! I Didn't Die!

    Posted 16 Feb 2008

    I think my doc has seen much worst. I would say they were reacting to looking the way I did, I am a pretty looking man. Plus, when I get sick I really get sick. I don't do anything in moderation.

    I heard the same thing about this Flu not being covered by the shot. I think I am showing my age. Speakeasy and I were talking about health care coverage and aches and pains last month when he stopped and said "when the hell did we become old woman talking about our health?" rolleyes.gif
  2. In Topic: Good News! I Didn't Die!

    Posted 15 Feb 2008

    You and I were sick at the same time buddy with the same thing and same temp at 102.

    The doctor and nurse made me feel really calm when they walked into the room and said, OH MY GOD! when they saw me.

    The doctor was amazed I was standing and that I drove to the hospital.

    I think I am getting the flu shot next year.

  3. In Topic: Spider-Man 3

    Posted 16 May 2007

    K1NGWARREN & I checked out SP3 last weekend. Awesome, that's all I can say. I was a little worried about part on my childhood being crushed by Hollywood's take on a classic I used to read, (like The Hulk) but I was relieved how they captured Venoms voice as I always heard it in my head. Yup, I always envisioned him sounding like Eric Foreman.

    You know what would be a great storyline for Hollywood to do; since they have made Spiderman, Xmen, Ghostrider, Daredevil, Blade, Punisher, Hulk, Fantastic Four and a lesser known to the masses Nick Fury agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. (Played by David Hasselholf) and Capt. America movies and the soon to be made Iron Man? The Inferno storyline. You could make a Trilogy right there. One of the best storylines of all time.

    Come to think of it, where is The Avengers movie?
  4. In Topic: Millions and Millions of Blogs

    Posted 27 Oct 2006

    It's funny you wrote this, I just started a blog this week.

    I'm gonna go write about it now tongue.gif
  5. In Topic: Sneezing

    Posted 18 Aug 2006

    The Sneeze Jokesters

    Then there are those jerks you meet (usually they are only acquaintances at best, more often just strangers) who will 'bless' you after one sneeze, then again after a second and then after the third say, "Okay, no more for you!" The 'joke' is not always the same but the 'laughs' are. Usually since this person is a stranger you feel obliged to at least give them a courtesy chuckle.

    I' m one of those jerks. But mine goes "OK now you're just looking for attention". Then I run out of the room laughing like a mad man.


    I'll say "Are you sick?"
    Sneezer replies, "No why to you ask?"
    Me: "Well you're sneezing a lot. Are you contagious?"
    Sneezer: "I'm not sick"
    Me: "Its obvious you're sick, why are you putting on a brave front? Is it terminal?"
    Sneezer: "What are you talking about, I'm not sick!" (They move closer to me to make sure I hear'em)
    Me: "Get away from me, I don't want what you have! I DONíT WANT TO DIE!"
    Then I run out of the room like a mad man.


    My favorite is to just run out of the room if I don't know the person. It's even more fun if it's in public screaming germs, germs!

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