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Those reasons to hate Star Wars articles.
I stay because I like the place.
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  1. In Topic: ASK BAREND...

    Posted 4 Apr 2007

    Dear Barend...

    1) How the hell is this place still standing?
    2) When is your channel 31 show coming to Brisbane again?
    3) Are you aware that people suck?
    4) When are you going to reach 21337?
    5) When are you going to stop?
  2. In Topic: What are you playing?

    Posted 21 Oct 2005

    He might have bashed it mercilessly, but I enjoyed it - the saving and loading is crap beyond crap, but its a nice streamlined Force power system - miles ahead of the 'select useless force power by this lengthy key-tapping process' in Jedi Knight.

    And is it just me, or has the Antigamer's Last Bastion collapsed.
  3. In Topic: What are you playing?

    Posted 20 Oct 2005

    Resurrecting or resuscitating

    Been playing Jedi Outcast for a while - i think its cool, though some of the puzzles are maddening. Dark Jedi are kind of cool, and the cheats are actually fun when you want to muck around. As a result of this, we're getting Jedi Academy, so I hope I have enough willpower to avoid the temptation of the Dark Side.
  4. In Topic: The Right to Bear Arms

    Posted 20 Oct 2005

    Then, don't get into that situation.
    And unless you are in that situation, that doesn't justify keeping one for "just in case a handful of thugs want to break my face" - though regrettably much more likely than it should be, this is still a rare occurence.
    Also - cut down on the necromancy. Let the topics die and become wholesome dead.
  5. In Topic: God

    Posted 20 Oct 2005

    Ahhh... floods. I like floods.

    The great Biblical flood likely ties in to the cracking of the Bosphorus. At its margins, the Black Sea floor is not like the floor of a sea, but much more like land - reason: the Black Sea was as much as 150 feet shallower in the past - when the Bosphorus cracked, the Mediterranean filled the Bosphorus. anyone living on the Black Sea coast would notice a freaking huge flood that did a lot of damage. Though it would be somewhat blockheaded to literally follow every word of the Bible, if you accept it as an enlargement of the truth, the Black Sea flood is a good basis for the Deluge.

    And though there are many flood legends around the world, that doesn't mean that a single flood covered the world at any one point. Following the ice age, there would have been an obvious sea-level rise, but melting of landlocked glaciers isn't exactly deluge material - its oceanic icecaps that are a worry.

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August 2, 1906
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