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  1. Yahtzee audio - adventure game retrospective

    Posted 9 Jan 2012

    Yahtzee was a very kind man who made an audio clip for me about adventure games just before Christmas, which featured at AdventureX (2011), an expo for fans of point n' clicks amongst other things. You can enjoy what he had to say on the subject, in an all too familiar style, below:

    The website: adventurex

    Enjoy, and all the best

  2. Bug Yahtzee about this or die

    Posted 28 Jul 2009

    Hey guys,

    Did you know I'm putting an event together in London early 2010 for retro adventure game fans. It's called AdventureX.

    The official URL is but it isn't working just yet cos I only bought it today and I don't really understand CNames and the word Propogate. But it's okay because you can find out more about it at adventurex/

    It's going to have a freakin' Yahtzee display

    Not because of his time as a negro slave, or as a rememberance of the time he flew planes into the Twin Towers - but because he made some pretty nifty adventure games in the past.

    Now here's the thing. If there's something we want, it's for him to come and address the public about STUFF. Otherwise it'll just be boring old quotes on a pretty nasty cheap display. Apparentltly he lives in Australia. I wouldn't know, he won't reply to my fucking emails. Apparently he gets a pretty decent share of ad-revenue otherwise why would he have made his point & click SE's freeware in the last week. Apparently he hides a penis under his hat too, but I'm yet to see this. He never attended the first Mittens which was essentially his fucking idea!!

    So perhaps you can help support the "Bring Yahtzee to the UK to say at least one interesting word" movement which is AdventureX, currently just a mediocre day out with some point & click legends.

    Think about it, get in touch with him, bug him, reserve a ticket, because HE bloody won't!!!! !!

    PS. Real people in my real life keep talking about Yahtzee and his videos and it's pissing me off. I want to buy the cunt a pint.
  3. Trilby: Anniversary

    Posted 18 Feb 2008

    No, it isn't an Art of Theft expansion pack (yet) - it's Yahtzee's new game!!!

    The image above shows you how his new project will look. Or would, if it existed, I'm really just testing how gullable you are wink.gif It sadly is not his new game, but as Yahtzee hates it when people speculate (and email that speculation to him) I think we should speculate his next release. TO PISS HIM OFF! In return for no new review this week, and for trying to convince us that showbiz antics are far more important than a fanbase. WELL FUCK YOU YAHTZEE! YOURE NEXT GAME AER TRILBY: TOOK IT UP THE ARSE

  4. 6DAS in PC Format

    Posted 17 Jun 2007

    Yahtzee, here is the article you were looking for:

    PC Format
    http://homepage. eirc...001PCFormat.jpg

    Keep an eye on http://agscene.blogspot. com/ for info on all reviews in pc magazines. There's a 7DAS one on there too, from a German magazine.

    take it easy!
  5. Ben Croshaw to be deleted

    Posted 11 Dec 2006

    Just learnt of this at the AGS forums, and it appears Yahtzee's page and Trilby's Notes pages are being considered for deletion. An admin has been going on a rampage and is trying to get the majority of articles relating to freeware adventure games deleted. His website can be found at:
    http://www.andrewfader. com/

    I don't quite understand the process to stop it, and hurling abuse certainly won't help - but if you understand Wikipedia and how it works, why not go help save them? smile.gif

    Ben's page
    http://en.wikipedia. ...iki/Ben_Croshaw

    The AGS news about this
    http://new.bigbluecu. ..p?topic=29391.0


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