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  1. In Topic: Five years since 9-11...

    Posted 11 Sep 2006

    You're creepy and weird. Yahtzee doesn't like you and neither do I and neither does anyone else. I'm closing this now, but leaving it here so that everyone can see what a jerk you are. Please stop posting in this forum. I mean it, just stop posting entirely. I'm sure everyone would benefit from this, yourself included. And then go away and grow up for a few years. Maybe you'll be able to come back then and act like a civilised human being around other people.
  2. In Topic: Wind Waker

    Posted 5 Sep 2005

    Oh jesus fuck, not you again. Will you please stop resurrecting long-dead threads with absolutely pointless posts.
  3. In Topic: Rhu's Journal: The Half-Blood Prince Experience

    Posted 4 Sep 2005

    Chefelf - I only skimmed the last few pages of this thread so I'm not sure whether someone already told you this, but the Philosopher's Stone wasn't a real thing. In Medieval Europe it was a thing of legend... someone apparently decided that somewhere in the realms of potentiality existed a stone that could a) give the owner eternal life/youth, and b) turn lead into gold. Precisely how it was supposed to do those things I have no idea. Alchemy was basically form of science devoted to searching for this stone... if only the right combination of chemicals or whatever could be found, they'd be able to make this awesome stone (that isn't all alchemy was good for obviously, but many treated it as such). Kings and other rich fellas would hire them to conduct research into finding/inventing it.

    According to stories, Flamel (an actual real person) was a 14th century bookseller dabbling in alchemy, who through his business somehow got hold of this ancient book with precise instructions on how to make the Stone. After he got it translated, historical records state that he somehow suddenly became very rich. Surprising to all, he apparently used a lot of it for public good, donating it to hospitals and the poor. He became something of a celebrity when he died because rumour came out that he'd discovered the Stone at around that time, and reports abounded of people claiming to have seen him and his wife still alive and well. Like Elvis.

    So yeah. Philosopher's Stone is about as real as all the pixies and dragons in Rowling's books.
  4. In Topic: Pride And Prejudice

    Posted 14 Aug 2005

    'Cos it's kind of long and rambling and is written in that flowery Regency speech where everyone takes the long way around every sentence and has some aversion to contractions?
  5. In Topic: Samurai Pizza Cats

    Posted 13 Aug 2005 com

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