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I crossed over from the Fully Ramblomatic forum when Yahtzee changed it from EZBoard.
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  1. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 30 Aug 2008

    If anyone's watched the weather lately, you've probably heard a little something about Hurricane Gustav heading up the Gulf. Naturally, after all that happened with Katrina and Rita, everybody in south Louisiana is packing up and getting ready to be royally spanked by Gustav. One of my brothers and his fiance - who live in New Orleans - are driving way upstate right now, and here in Lake Charles, we're trying to get everything ready to ship out tomorrow and go...I don't really know where; away from here.

    I really hate hurricanes.
  2. In Topic: The Rejoicing Post (for elation)

    Posted 18 Jul 2008


    JokerJokerJokerJokerJokerJokerJokerJoker Joker.

    SO. GOOD.

    Also: (*waves*) Hullo, all.
  3. In Topic: The Dark Knight

    Posted 18 Jul 2008

    I just got home from watching it.

    Go see it.

    Go see it now.

    The whole thing, it's just, it's incredible. Absolutely incredible. This is NOT a comic book movie. This is a work of art. This is an example of what movies should be. And the Joker, the Joker...


    I know, I know I'm babbling and am probably far too over-excited about the whole thing, emotions still running high and all, everything I want to say is running through my head too fast to make sense of it, and everything's probably coming out in clichés and repeated hype and I know I'm no expert on movies or the Batman franchise/mythos/whatever you would call it but I'm a Joker FAN. I love that twisted, psychotic clown, and dear sweet god he WAS the Joker. Any doubt I had about Heath Ledger when he was first cast or at any point during production, before and after his death, I take it all back and apologize. He took the character and he gave him life, he made him real, and most importantly, he did him justice and showed him respect. He was terrifying, hilarious in all the wrong ways, genius, and complete, utterly, BAT-SHIT FUCKING INSANE. Absolutely brilliant.

    Just, just, I cannot and will not say anything against him on this. I won't.

    And yes, there is so much to be said about the other characters, the story, the brilliant writing, everything...but to be completely and perfectly honest, the main thing, the ONE THING that has made me want to see this movie since the very last minutes of Batman Begins is the Joker. And Heath Ledger delivered him in spades.

    I am a happy fan.
  4. In Topic: Dr. Who

    Posted 16 Jul 2008

    After watching it once, then thinking about it for a couple of weeks in one spoilery post:

    1. I still haven't quite made up my mind about the whole, "Everyone from every show is here to help (even if they really aren't doing anything at all except getting a bit of facetime)!" thing. Part of me is cheering, but the other part of me is facepalming and muttering, "WANK" every other minute.

    2. Leaving the second Doctor (Hand!Ten? Ten-and-a-Half? Blue Suit Doctor? Other Doctor?) with Rose? I'm all for that! This means there's finally a canon resolution to the Rose/Doctor ship. The OTP crowd get their Happily Ever After, and the anti-shippers and/or Rose Haters have Proper Doctor running around romance-free, just as he should.

    (At least until River Song shows up again...I think. But we shouldn't have to worry about that until he regenerates.)

    3. I'm still WTF-ing over the hand thing. And cheering over Unexpected Naked Doctor (if anyone heard a strange ringing in their ears at that moment, that was the sound of a million fangirls squeeing as One.) On a sad, geeky note, I'm very annoyed because now that the hand's gone, I have to rethink my entire Awesome Master Resurrection Plan That I Know No One Else Has Written Because Believe Me I've LOOKED.

    4. And of course, the Biggest Issue, Donna. Awesome Donna. Super-Temp. The DoctorDonna.



    Damn you, RTD! Just...just...DAMN YOU!

    ...She never even slapped him...
  5. In Topic: Will there be blood?

    Posted 1 Mar 2008

    I haven't seen the movie...and I actually hadn't really heard about it before since I don't watch normal TV and rarely go to the movie theater (and also don't really go for those sorts of films or stories anyway), but I had to look into it because of one line being repeated online that really caught my attention.

    "I. ..drink...your...MILKSHAKE! *SLUUUUURP* I DRINK IT UP!"

    Yes, hearing that line out of context? You kind of have to go look up everything about the movie just to find out what the fuck the guy is talking about. Because otherwise, it's just another quote or meme that claws its way inside your BRAIN and won't let go. Although, even in context, and watching that clip on YouTube...I still laugh.


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