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  1. Thread for Mocking Instant Messaging Idiots

    Posted 3 Oct 2007

    Recently I have been contacted by a number of strangers who are rude to me. I suspect that some of them are from this board as for calling me robot. Still better than working class behaviour in appearance.

    So here is a place to make fun of these persitent people who deserve that reputation. They want attention from me and I want to give them the right attention, mockery. I don't like to block people but I am forced to do more than blocking. This person started out of no where quite politely at first I think a month ago then started asking rude questions. Then kept on persistingly contacting me for no good reason and I don't know this person.

    Conditions are:

    Make the swear words replaced or overlaid with stars or other characters to make it less offensive.

    Try to make it funny in good sense that is not too stupid other than the rude person in question.

    The impolitically correct term "Working class behaviour" goes back to around the war years in some poor parts where parents use to swear at their children who grew up to possibly become like that.

    Edit: I don't know how the quotation sign turned into &.

    I will show an example of the last message soon filtered out without those swear words in full.
  2. My left overs

    Posted 1 Oct 2007

    Well I got what I wanted with excess spending and a huge struggle. I brought this board to take off the processors and some memory. I worked out it would be a lot cheaper to buy this for the two Xeons 3.06 GHz 1 mb cache processors than it is to buy them second hand or refurbished without even the heatsinks locally.

    <image removed>

    What I am left with:
    After the swap over I put in the two 2.4 GHz Xeon processors with only 512 k cache memory which worked on this board as the bus speed can be lowered to 400 MHz.

    <image removed>

    I took out 2*512 memory modules for the other board so 3 gigabytes of memory remaining.

    Two Zalman heatsinks I imported for a lot of money which proved to be a waste of time as I got that different socket faulty board. I think they are the same measurement though.

    <image removed>

    One Xeon 2.6 GHz processor with 512 k cache. I don't know if it would be worth selling it or using it as spares to test on other boards.

    <image removed>

    Replaced the missing scrapped off component on the top of the board:

    My biggest worry: Is that the keyboard didn't work at first until I had some help to repair it. There was no power going to the keyboard. I found near the port that a component got scrapped off. The keyboard worked and lit up when I shorted a screwdriver's head across the contacts. I was going to send it back as I had 8 out of 14 days left but it is going to cost me more and the seller might want to swap it or not because I took off the 3.06 GHz Xeons. Also all the other boards listed were the models down compared to this one. As it was only that I think it was worth it thanks to some help of what I call a genuine friend I might have made a mistake and caused more damage to start off with. It could be a flexible fuse which makes sense as some boards won't work with keyboards when they plugged in whilst running. I really need to take a soldering course.

    Now I don't know if that would devalue the board in price if people saw that?
  3. Dig it

    Posted 25 Sep 2007

    Sorry I have to bring it up.

    It is annoying as for appearing to be badly set in place for making gaps in between disrupting the page selector out of place. It attracts my attention everytime I open up a page due to the positioning.

    Can you tidy it up and make it on the same line so the gap won't show?
    Or is there a way to turn it off or make it disappear for individual accounts?

    Sorry, you can delete this topic.

    Just this minute saw the changes.

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