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  1. In Topic: Pointless random thoughts...

    Posted 27 Nov 2007

    After my lesson, I had a nap today in an attempt to ease off a horrible stomach ache. I had a dream where I woke up. Everything felt so real. I thought someone was under my bedsheets. It was only a black pillow. The bed lamp wouldn't turn on. I got up and I thought I saw someone's head poking out at the top of my long chair from behind.

    I quickly jumped out to my chair and another chair which was previous across the room was in front creating that groove. I knew something was wrong so I quickly ran to the light switches. They didnt work and the room was so dark.

    My server was running and the serverboard on the table which I left on before I went to sleep.

    I opened the door and the wall's of the landing out there were like a blue colour in motion. Like the reflection of a swimming pool.

    It was really scary and I had problems trying to wake up whilst running. Almost as if something was chasing after me. I was trying to say something but I could only hear myself as if I had tape over my mouth. I strained to walk and run as for feeling frightened.

    Problematic Random Thought: Maybe something bad is going to happen to me and above was the imagery of it.
  2. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 27 Nov 2007

    I feel like I am going to fail the first part of my exams in January because I have less than a month of solid teaching left starting from last week. I waited so long for that one to one tutor whilst forcefully spending (on attendance) the previous times in a noisy library not doing anything much with a build up of unanswered questions. I hate to fail things the first time. I am so worried.
  3. In Topic: Joke Thread

    Posted 27 Nov 2007

    I am no good at understanding jokes unless they are my own.

    The joke I like:

    Office manager: Right, we are going to have new firmware today in our office. You're all fired!
  4. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 27 Nov 2007

    I need no correction. I know, that's why I said in a, "virtually serious sense".
    Just in the same way as this being a reminder to you.

    I am being punished for my spending spree months ago with slowly recouping.
    It was required without pleasure.
    It will take a long time not to touch anything financially.
  5. In Topic: Thecomplaining thread.

    Posted 27 Nov 2007

    In a virtually serious sense, god punishes those who are rude, condescending and belitting to others.

    I hate long distant connections on broadband.
    So slowly performing.

    I hope I can sort that out when I get a decent paid job down the line in the future.

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