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  1. In Topic: the kabal of old technology

    Posted 31 May 2008

    no new (old) tech. to report.

    but I will say that in my opinion, the theremin is simply awesome. If you happen to have an Mp3 of the theremin artist who recorded on yer label, post it, man!
  2. In Topic: the kabal of old technology

    Posted 6 Feb 2008

    That thing sounds awesome, man! It sucks that it died on you, though. These things were made really poorly from the mid '70s to the mid '80s and pretty much fell out of popularity after that.

    On another similar topic, an interesting old technology note is the "Theremin." The theremin was invented by Leon Theremin of Russia in the 1920s, and he predicted that every home in the world would have one by the end of the century. This was, obviously, not the case. Theremins are fun and easy to build, and I have done so myself. If you search Google, you will definately find several sites selling kits.
  3. In Topic: the kabal of old technology

    Posted 8 Jan 2008

    new stuff:

    Argus C2 35MM camera from late '30s

    Sega Game Gear

    Brother typewriter

    and an update on the status of that keyboard:

    it's a "Chord organ" that uses a rather unique system of air perssure and speakers to produce a creepy "organ/accordian sound"
  4. In Topic: the kabal of old technology

    Posted 26 Sep 2007

    QUOTE (princesskadee @ Mar 16 2007, 05:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    this guy knows a damn lot about old technolgy. im assuming you own some type of electronic repair shop in your area. if not, a bank loan may not be such a bad idea to get such an enterprise up and started for you.

    i mean, i at least hope your bringing home a comfortable paycheck with such massive tech knowledge, cause if you knew this much but only had a part-time job flipping burgers at wendy's and still lived in your parent's basement..well,..then i would have to feel sorry for you or something.

    Sadly, I own no such business.
  5. In Topic: the kabal of old technology

    Posted 11 Feb 2007

    please! do not let this thread die sad.gif ! keep it alive with comments!

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