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Comic Books in general

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 10:17 AM

There are a lot of resources for comic book out there, if you know where to look.
Here is the list of best comic books :

1. Spawn
2. Action Comics
3. All-Star Superman
4. Wolverine
5. Punisher

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Posted 17 May 2011 - 08:20 AM

I just borrowed a copy of DC's Blackest Night graphic novel from a friend. It was a superb read. The art was amazing. The story was great with good pacing and didn't become convoluted while reading it. Even all of the text bubbles were freaking sweet. And the way it was written, you didn't need to know the complete history of all of these different characters. And for a DC "Event" comic they did a good job of picking a few characters to stick with and focusing on them, but also managed to breathe in enough life to a fair portion of the secondary ones.

One of the things I liked the best was that it provided a fairly sound reason as to why many of the DC heroes have continually made their way back to life after being killed (the constant rezing of heroes generally taking away from any emotional impact their death might've had). The villian has been doing that to save them all up for his big moment. At the end a few more people were resurected, but if they stick to their guns, it is likely that DC (hopefully) will no longer be seeing anymore character resurections. Death will become a permanent fixture once again.

And they really need to thin the herd out anyways. How is it that these hundreds of heroes and villains all reside in about 5 different cities, all of which are located in the US? Plus it might make it just a little easier for anyone to keep track of some of them.

I think the only tough part of reading it was recognizing a lot of the characters that were thrown in. As it was an "Event" comic, there were tons of characters from throughout the DC universe. On top of that, at least 3/4 of the ones shown were either in a projection from a green lantern ring, or completely black and grey zombie things.
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Kurgan X showed me this web comic done with Legos. It pokes fun at all six Star Wars films and I found it to be extremely entertaining.
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