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Droids vs Ewoks Which is worse?

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Posted 14 December 2008 - 06:27 PM

Last summer I made a post showing old Star Wars cartoons from 1985, specifically the Ewoks cartoon (at that time, they were up for only a few days), and yesterday, I did see a few episodes of the Droids cartoon. It featured (you guessed it) R2 and C3PO going through their wacky, wacky adventures and mischief. The show was so incredibly lame it isn't funny. The animation is average, nothing horrible I assure you, but nothing to really write home about either.

So here's my question to you people... which do you believe is worse? In my own opinion, I would have to give it to the Ewoks... it really was horrible and had no reedeming features whatsoever... seriously, I couldn't even IMAGINE th Ewoks, or Wickett (the Ewok that Leia found) being anywhere half as lame as the portrayal, and don't even get me started on the opposition in the show and the creatures displayed.

So to give some assistance in figuring out which is worse for yourselves, I'll give two links to one Droids epsiode and an Ewoks episode (though I think they were both shown in the 'droids and ewoks' hour when they first aired in 1985).

Well, there are you are.

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