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Fahrenheit AKA Indigo Prophesy

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Posted 25 October 2006 - 09:30 AM

Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophesy in the US) is fucking brilliant. I saw the box awhile ago and it piqued my interest, but only got around to buying it recently.
The game is unique when it comes to genres. I'd think of it as an interactive movie (in a good way, not a Final Fantasy way). As to normal genres, it's similar to an adventure game without an inventory, or an RPG without stats (Ok, it has one stat, really. The game keeps track of your mental state).
You control four characters. The main hero is Lucas Kane, a regular guy who was having dinner in a diner in New York one night, when he randomly fell into some sort of trance and killed a stranger in the toilets. Play alternates between Lucas (and occaisionally his brother Markus) and the two detectives hunting him, Carla and Tyler.
What you do as one character influences the others. For example, if as Lucas you drag the body into the toilets, hide the murder weapon, mop up the blood on the floor and was it off your hands it will be a lot harder to find evidence as the police then if you had just walked out into the middle of the diner covered in blood.
The game's atmosphere is brilliant. I can't tell you just how tense it can be when a police officer starts randomly knocking on your door when your arms are covered in blood, or just how cool it is to try to convice an officer you know nothing about the crime whilst fighting off invisible insects.
The action sequences are handled by various button-pressing games, this substitutes for various skill roles in a pen and paper RPG. Copying patterns of keys and the like. If you get it right, you'll dodge the punch, or slam dunk in a game of basket ball, or notice a vital bit of information. The more difficult the task, the harder the challenge. But some of the fight scenes are great, where the keys you press are actually tuned to what's happening in the action. You hit the left key and your character sidesteps to his left to dodge a car, you then press forward to start running and then slam down to skid under a truck that just slid in front of you. Excellent pace.
But the best part of the game is the feeling that you're affecting a movie. The storyline progresses much like a good mystical/detective movie. It follows multiple protagonists working towards seperate goals (example: both police and murderer), and often crosses the storylines. Especially popular is the use of splitscreens. You're told the police are entering the building, the screen splits and a timer appears showing just how long you have until they arrive in your office. The top half of the screen shows you in your office, as you frantically try to hide evidence, whilst the bottom shows the officer walking through your building getting inexorably closer to busting you in the act.
All in all, I can't recommend this game enough. One warning for those in the states, apparantly they cut out the sex scenes and bits of the game don't make as much sense anymore, so see if you can find the European version. But it's still well worth it, if only to try something different.
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Posted 25 October 2006 - 07:50 PM

Oh yeah that game was awesome! I was just thinking about it like five minutes ago before I saw the thread title. I really need to play it again.

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