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The 2005 TCR Awards! Giving out Imaginary Awards. WHOOO!

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Posted 09 December 2005 - 11:24 AM

Hopefully, some of you have been to my website, . If you have, feel free to vote in this somewhat awesome poll!

To vote, you copy and paste the ballot, and in a PM, make your selections, thus making this a secret ballot! You may discuss speculation of who may win, however. You have until the 17th of December to vote!

Also, Neither the Sword of Mars, nor myself are nominated for any awards, to keep things nice and fair.

Oh, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit:

TCR Awards Ballot

Best Comic of 2005

-Episode 45: The State Of The Union?
-Episode X5: I Kick George W. Bush's Ass
-Episode 53: "SYSTEM ERROR" Debut
-Episode 57: Larry The Camel Contemplates The Origin Of Life on Earth

Best Character of 2005

George W. Bush
Gonzor The Destructor
Stepehn Harper
Americabot and Liberaltron v2.8
Paul Martin

Best Supporting Character of 2005

Dick Cheney
Vlad The Impaler
Condeleeza Rice

Best NEW Character of 2005

Liberaltron v2.8
Larry The Camel
Herpes-Infected Fred Durst

Best Rant of 2005

-Internet Idiocy (Feb 24/2005)
-The Free Zoo (March 27/2005)
-America: The Essay (Part 6) (June 6/2005)
-A Fantastic Idea (July 29/2005)
-September 11th (Sept 11/2005)

Best Correspondent or 2005

-Cherry Bomb

Best Correspondent Piece of 2005

-"An Open Letter To Hollywood," written by Matt
-"History of the PopeMobile" by Lindsey
-"Grunge Superstars" by Cherry Bomb
-"Music Ranting" by Chipmunk

Best New Addition To TCR in 2005

-"Canada? A Humourous Guide To A Mythical Land"
-Raven's "New America" Short Story Series
-TCR Chat
-Al Creed's Stupid Live Journal
-New Layout


Any questions, feel free to PM myself.

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Posted 19 December 2005 - 01:20 PM

Malcolm X in the Middle! Thats great. I should have looked at this earlier.
And we want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man! And we want to get loaded!

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