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Revolutionaries - Respect based on failure? Any truly successful revolutionaries?

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Posted 22 October 2005 - 02:12 AM

I've never seen a non-white revolutionary/socialist/commy in North America.

Just what exactly are you implying? That communists are racist? I'm really not getting this. I've met African American members of the black bloc and they show up at protests a lot as well. Did it ever occur to you that, due to income gaps, many African Americans might not have time for political activity at all? That dosnt mean they dont see the ills of society. And communism embraces all races, unlike trying to divide them like the US government does.

He's still a pinko bastard but he doesn't pin up posters or support those groups that have secret ambitions to violently over throw the government.

Ok. You convince me why the US government's overthrow, either violent or peaceful, would not be beneficial, and I'll admit to being a pinko bastard.

Many of the women look like wicca practioners and the men wear those loose faggy sweaters made of wool or hemp. The ones who are over 30 look like they make 12 bucks an hour working at porn stores. LOL

This may be the most biggoted and ignorant thing I've ever read. I wish I could unread it, and return to an age of innocence where I believed that people never said crap like this.

Face it, your little collection of revolutionarys in this country are just watered down post secondary school kids.

Yeah! Damn those kids with college educations! Clearly they know nothing!

The only two successful revolutions in the history of mankind were the French and American.

Do you even think before you write?

The French revolutions occured over several hundred years, the last one being not more than 40 years ago! The Terror, Bonaparte, the restoration of the monarchy, the slaughtering of supporters of various opposing sides, the weakening of the country to the point that it nearly lost world wars 1 and 2, etc etc.

The American revolution kicked out the British government and installed a racist, rich, genocidal, expansionist, slave owning, women subjugating, other religion intolerating, poor people ignoring government that initiated such high taxes that they caused rebellions that were swiftly and brutally quelled by government forces. The slaughtering of the Indians and the expansion of slavery were direct results of the American revolution, and would not have been likely to be tolerated long if British rule had continued.

Why didnt you cite the revolutions that got the Soviets out of Eastern Europe and did indeed install democratic governments? Or perhaps Gandhi's revolution in India. I dont see why you consider His Excellency's revolution, or that of Ho Chi Minh to be failures, since they gained the independence of their countries and voting rights and all that jazz. Oh, yeah I do, it's because they are "over 30 look like they make 12 bucks an hour working at porn stores."

If Castro loved his people and nation so much, why didn't he let some one else take power so that the Americans would drop trade embargos on them.

If George Washington loved his nation so much why didnt he let someone else take power so the British wouldn't stay mad at them and later start the war of 1812?

[quote]The only way you can win is if you get the support of a portion or all of the army.[quote]

You have no idea about how revolutions occur. I'm not going to bother trying to educate you.


I don't know about you but I have never advocated that homosexuals, for any reason, be cut out of their mother's womb and thrown into a bin.
- Deucaon toes a hard line on gay fetus rights.

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