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Star Wars Fan Convention

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Fan Fiction from Helena Because she is to modest to post it.

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Posted 09 January 2005 - 07:02 AM

Hi All,

I strongly suggest that anyone reading within the Star Wars Topic area should go and have a look at the following link in the Screening Room. This is some Fan Fiction written by Helena and I believe (along with Movie Goer) is very much worth the read - particularly for those of you that would like to discuss the various ways in which the fall to the dark side should be held.

I am of the opinion that quite a few people may have read some of this material. If you have then share the love and let Helena know what you think - and us as well. There is nothing like a good discussion to fire it up.

Screening Room & Helena's Writing

Now! Be of with you all and get some reading done and then come back her and tell everyone what you think.

P.S. Hope that was not to forward of me Helena, but you did express that you would like more opinions and I consider myself to be a man of action as well as words. Feel free to slap me publicly if I have overstepped the bounds of common decency and curtesy. crying.gif
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Posted 09 January 2005 - 07:30 AM

I second Supes on this one. There is some really good stuff there - and as Helena's fanfiction is very relevant to some of the things we spend ages discussing on these forums, it makes for highly recommended reading.

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Posted 10 January 2005 - 09:13 AM

Thanks, Supes, that was very thoughtful of you. I did post a link in another thread here, but no one seems very interested. Ah well...
The sandpeople had women and children. We know this because Anakin killed them how could he tell? The children might be smaller but I never saw a sandperson with breasts. Did they hike their skirts and show him some leg or something?

Also, I can see the point of wanting to kidnap a human and use her as a slave, but they didn't. They tied her to a flimsy easel for a month. It's assumed they had to feed and give her water. What for? Was she purely ornamental? I can understand them wanting the droids, you can sell those for a lot of money, but a chick who's only skills are finding non-existand mushrooms and getting randomly pregnant, you're not going to get much.

- J m HofMarN on the Sand People

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