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Games you WANT to hate (but don't) There's always some of them

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 12:32 AM

Outa curiosity, is there anyone who has a game that they really, REALLY wish they hated? Guilty pleasure so to speak.

For me, its Rumble Roses XX. I am REALLY annoyed that that game is so fun. I mean, I'm gay, I shouldn't ENJOY watching scantily clad women wrestle... But, well, if this was a show, I'd watch it, because its way more exciting than Smackdown Versus Raw 2011
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    Old videogames are quite the kick as well.

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Posted 17 February 2011 - 07:39 AM

I jotted a little article about the opposite of this a few years ago -- games you WANNA like and try REALLY HARD to like, but.... they don't reward your efforts. (Then again I only play NES games sooo..)

but "Defenders of Dynatron City" should have been good. Lucasarts? Different songs and wacky heroes? What's that, game -- they can hit you but you can't hit them due to really poor collision detection, biased in their favor? Oh... I think we should see other nintendo games.

But there was a while when I'd play "AD&D: Heroes of the Lance." It's so horrible and broken, but there's a LITTLE exploration that's kind of neat. Also you can WEB-BLAST every enemy but one and just walk by them. And there's 2-3 times when they say "YOU HEAR ALARM BELLS GOING OFF" (like it's a Honk-a-meter).

I'm not sure if I should dislike "GHOUL SCHOOL", though. Aside from some confusing what-to-do-next and frustrating "too small to shoot" enemies, it's kind of fun, slightly Metroid-meets-Maniac-Mansion, and evidently a labor of love.

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