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  1. In Topic: Trilby's Notes SPOILER CENTRE!!!

    Posted 25 Sep 2011

    Alright, I wasn't sure if I should post this question in the 6DAS thread since it involves information from that game, but it pertains to Notes.

    So, we find out in 6DAS that Chzo intended to replaced the Tall Man as Prince. The Tall Man realizes this, and tried to sabotage the creation of the bridge throughout 6DAS.

    In Notes, the first time we see the Tall Man, he tries to kill Trilby. It's implied in the SE commentary that the Tall Man has his own agenda at this point, meaning he knows he's going to be replaced.

    So at the end of Notes, Trilby dies, and the Prince is angry - this is implied by him killing Lenkmann and one of the books of Chzo mentioned the Prince was displeased that he interfered with the fate of the Guide (Trilby).

    My question is, why was the prince displeased? Shouldn't he be happy that Trilby died? Even if he was acting mad to fool Chzo, that doesn't explain why he takes Trilby's blood. Why go to the trouble of cloning the guy if you're just going to go on a Trilby killing spree later?

    I'm also not entirely sure about what Lenkmann was trying to accomplish. Summon the Prince - and then what? An why did Trilby's death mess that up...he was still summoned, wasn't he? Maybe I missed something, but what happens if you don't type the 'die' command for Trilby? I know, it says something like 'that was the last entry in Trilby's notes' but I mean what happens with Lenkmann and the Prince etc...

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