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Information Desk

General Night Life announcements, news, FAQs and rules. Read this forum before posting to stay up to date!

  • 39 Topics
  • 603 Replies
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News Desk

NewsThe crappy news story of the day! Updated "daily". Please post your comments. It's like when Jay Leno does the news things. I LOVE THAT!

  • 628 Topics
  • 10,812 Replies
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Debate Club

Any topics regarding politics, religion and sex can go here. Anyone looking for a good arguments, feel free to post here. Anyone looking to stay argument-free, stay far away.

  • 317 Topics
  • 17,355 Replies
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The Lobby (General Chat)

Discussing all general topics and important issues in life such as fashion, racecars and your favorite kinds of sandwiches!
Anything off-topic goes here.

  • 936 Topics
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Suggestion Box

Compliment? Complaint? Suggestion? Problem with the site? Post them here and let the elves and gnomes that run know where you stand. They may even react by solving your problems! They also may become unstable and try to kill Chefelf, so please exercise caution.

  • 64 Topics
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Star Wars Fan Convention

Star WarsA place to discuss matters related to Star Wars. The original and prequel trilogies are discussed at length here as well as various rumors, criticisms and general information on the movies that we loved so much before they turned on us and betrayed our trust.

  • 1,977 Topics
  • 34,817 Replies
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Movie Theater

At long last, a forum for the discussion of movies old and new. Any movie that isn't about Star Wars can be discussed here.

  • 523 Topics
  • 8,830 Replies
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Television Talk

It's Chefizzle Telefizzle my Snogbarts! Talk here about all your favorite TV programs such as The Geena Davis Show, Cop Rock and that mini series about the Egyptians!

  • 119 Topics
  • 1,985 Replies
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Book Club

Kick back, light a pipe and unwind with a good read. Discuss your favorite authors such as L. Ron Hubbard, Ben Bova, Dara Joy and that guy that wrote the book about that snake that fell in love with a child.

  • 83 Topics
  • 1,540 Replies
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Screening Room

A place for our users to plug their sites and post original comics, stories and movie parodies. Barend's Lord of the Rings comics; Despondent's Night Life original stories; they're all here for your viewing pleasure.
** Not 56k Friendly! **

  • 166 Topics
  • 4,997 Replies
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Game Room

ArcadeA forum to discuss anything pertaining to video games old and new. All genres, platforms and time periods. Except for the Turbografix 16! We will open a separate forum for that when and if we choose to!

  • 390 Topics
  • 6,896 Replies
Unread forum

Live Music

A forum for you to discuss your various musical likes and dislikes. Warning: Limp Bizkit fans are not permitted in this forum!

  • 206 Topics
  • 3,211 Replies
Unread forum

Tech Depot

Here's a place to discuss technology. Basically anything that plugs in is discussed here. Also, if you have any tech questions, our resident staff of people who think they know a lot about computers would be glad to help you out!

  • 151 Topics
  • 1,137 Replies

Toggle this category Chefelf's Office

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Chefelf's Office

Chefelf's OfficeDiscuss Chefelf's rambling blog entires, articles, and the hibernating Company X comic. Also, vote in any number of polls... each topic more inconsequential than the next!

  • 188 Topics
  • 2,711 Replies
Unread forum

Jen and Nate Buy The Farm . . . Share

Jen and Nate got married. The next week, they started their first-ever farm share. This is the nerdy story of their marriage and their vegetables. With a focus mostly on the vegetables.

  • 1,017 Topics
  • 76 Replies

Toggle this category Hosted Forums

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Lance & Eskimo

The Official Message Board of Loveable Scamps.

  • 138 Topics
  • 1,319 Replies
Unread forum

FullyRamblomatic Forums

Here you can discuss all thing FullyRamblomatic and/or Yahtzee related. Enjoy the unbiased cynicism shared by Yahtzee and his extended readership.

  • 858 Topics
  • 25,054 Replies
Redirect forum

The Cultural Revolution

A different forum for a different land. You will need to sign up separately to participate in this forum led by our friend Al Creed.

Redirected Hits: 237,650
Unread forum

Less Is More

Forum for Chyld's blog, which will probably have stopped updating by the time you read this. Do enjoy.

  • 80 Topics
  • 1,208 Replies
Unread forum

Jelly Pufflemur

A forum for the Jelly Pufflemur site where you can discuss many, many interesting things, but where you cannot learn what a Jelly Pufflemur is. Sime Sublime and Slade involved as well.

  • 290 Topics
  • 2,728 Replies
Read-only forum

The Graveyard

A READ ONLY archive of all the old forums that are no longer active. Relive the excellent topics of the past and the shoddy forums that probably should not have been created.

  1. Chefelf: Celebrity Stalker
  2. Heccubus' Forums
  3. Tuahan's Forums
  4. Dr. Lecter Land
  5. Total Otal
  6. Chefelf's Personal Star Wars Journal
  7. Chefelf Polls and Ratings
  8. Pale Faced
  9. Company X
  10. Slade's Forums
  11. Jon Gutner's Milk Bar
  12. Idiotic Inc.
  13. Chefelf's Customer Service Diary
  14. Chefelf's Twitter / Jaiku Experiment
  • 266 Topics
  • 3,047 Replies

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