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  1. Lightsaber Combat Choreography Contest

    Posted 13 Oct 2015

    First off, I can't believe I remembered my password. I don't think I've even been on for about four years. I came back here on a whim.

    Anyway, There's a mostly annual contest for lightsaber fights. I've entered in twice now with plans to do more.

    With a new Star Wars movie coming out soon, I figure a couple of you might check out the forums, so maybe this will catch your eye.

    Entry for LCCXII: The effects aren't completely finished on it, but it's what we got done before the deadline.

    Blooper Reel: Where the real magic happens. If none of this makes you laugh, we probably can't be friends.

    Entry for LCCXIII: Very nearly complete. I like how this one turned out, especially since I almost got myself killed while filming it.

    I hope you enjoy. Oh, and you should check out the contest and other entries that have been made. There are some real gems out there.
  2. Is America on its way to becoming a dictatorship?

    Posted 9 Dec 2011

    Don't know who really frequents the area much anymore but, have you heard of the National Defense Authorization Act?

    Well, last week this bill got passed in the Senate 93 - 7. It basically labels the United States of America and the World a battle ground, and allows the military to act with imputiny. If made into law, this will legally allow the US military to arrest, detain indefinitely, torture, and execute anyone in the world (including any US citizen) without due process if anyone in the military even suspects that a person is more or less against the United States Government. They can even attack allied nations outright, and are free to assassinate at will. And it's all LEGAL. It even takes away such things as the right to remain silent, and also allows Federal troops to police our country. Yes they've been experimenting with that in some areas, and now they will be allowed to do it all over the country. And all of these actions that can be taken, are pretty much up to the judgement of the military. Never mind that pretty much all of this is actually unconstitutional or anything like that. It is written in such a way that it overrides the constitution.

    Obama has already stated he plans on vetoing it, but not for its unconstitutionallity. No, he plans to veto it because procedures would get too complicated with civilians and agents who work with terrorists and are working for us as informants.

    In reality, this is about to become law. I don't know the number for which it passed in the House, but it was surely not split along party lines. The same goes for the Senate. A 93 - 7 vote is almost unheard of. I guess bipartisanship is really easy when you're not trying to put on a show for everyone. Obama may or may not veto it, but if he does, I am quite certain that Congress will pass it anyways. So what's left, the Supreme Court? Oh wonderful. They have such an awesome track record of shooting down a lot of the crazy things that have been getting passed over the last 11+ years.

    Why hasn't mainstream media jumped all over this? I mean, these things trample the hell out of a TON of different rights we have as US citizens. Well, when big business owns the media (outright), the government (campaign funds, etc etc), and the military (through the gov and other means I'm sure), then I guess the watchdog keeps it's trap shut when the muzzle is on.

    Well, it looks like my dream of living in a military dictatorship has finally come true. Because really, how long will it be before someone asks for the presidential emergency war power to stay in office indefinitely? The War on Terror is on ongoing and a change in our leadership during wartime is hurtful to our efforts. They must be really losing that war, because I'm only becoming more and more terrified - of my own government.
  3. The Price We Pay

    Posted 25 Nov 2010

    Violet sat on her bed with her head in her hands. Her face was red and splotchy from having cried for the past hour. Her auburn hair, normally neatly brushed, was in tangles. She couldn’t remember everything from last night. Felicia had begged her to come along to a house party some college kids were throwing. She said she needed a wingwoman as a counter-agent to any wingmen. Apparently there was a whole kind of pseudo-science behind it all. Wingmen were supposed to be there in case the hot chick happened to have a less than appealing friend around. But, unknown to most, the less appealing friend was actually necessary if the two attractive and charismatic people were to hook up. Felicia had told her that she didn’t really have any unattractive friends, and that Violet was the closest thing to one.

    Of course, Violet had protested, while ignoring such a backhanded compliment. She had just gotten past her college days, and more importantly, she was engaged. Plus Jason, her fiancé, wasn’t exactly the most trusting person. Hell, he had once screamed at her when he saw her kiss another guy on the cheek, before realizing that it was her younger brother. She no longer had any real male friendships anymore. Anytime she went out she had to have a list of people she’d be with, a list that didn’t include any straight guys. Still, it was a small price to pay to be with someone you loved. But what did it matter now? She had thrown it all away.

    After much pleading and begging, Felicia had gotten her to agree to go with her to the party.

    “Besides, hun, you never go out and do anything anymore. I think you could really use a good time. The last time I saw you, you seemed so depressed. ” Felicia said.

    “Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” said Violet.

    Her excuse for Jason had been that Felicia had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed someone around for comfort. They were supposed to be having a stereotypical girl’s night in, eating buckets of ice cream, watching sappy movies, and burning things that her ex had given to her or left at her place.

    When they got to the party, the place smelled of old beer and cigarette smoke. Shitty pop music blasted out of a crummy-looking stereo. It didn’t take Felicia very long to find a guy whose bones she wanted to jump. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately in Violet’s case, his wingman was nowhere to be found. After about twenty minutes and three drinks, the two of them figured out the desire to screw was mutual. They had asked Violet if she wanted to join them, but she passed on that opportunity. She had grabbed a new drink and began to look for a quiet, relatively speaking, corner to wait for Felicia to finish getting boinking out of her system.

    She made her way out to the back porch, swaying as she walked. Outside she took in the fresh air, grabbing onto a railing to steady herself. Violet had set her cup down on the railing and put her hand to her head: it had been a few years since she had done any real drinking and she was already on her fourth mixed drink. I don’t know why Jason doesn’t want me going out to places and having fun if there are other guys around, she thought. It’s not like he has anything to be worried about. I’ve been faithful to him, I mean, what has he even got to be jealous about? I don’t think I’ve ever even given him a reason to lay a hand on me before.
    A hand was placed on her hand on the railing and a voice said, “How’s about a refill beautiful?”

    And that’s all she could remember. The rest was just a string of blurry images ending with her naked in bed all alone. After an uncertain amount of time, she dragged herself out of the bed, managed to crawl three feet, and puked on the floor. When no more came up, Violet crawled around the room searching for her clothes. When she had found most of them there was a knock at the door and a female voice called her name. It was Felicia.

    “Violet are you in there? Can I open the door, I’ve been looking for you,” she said.

    “Just a minute,” Violet said as she put on her underwear, shirt, and skirt. “Okay, come in.” The door knob turned; Felicia stepped in the room and flipped the light switch.

    “Jesus Christ Violet, what happened to you? I’m gonna call the cops.”

    Violet wasn’t sure what had happened to her, but guessed that because Felicia’s facial exp​ression looked like she had just seen someone get run over by a truck that she must have looked pretty awful. “No don’t, I just want to go home.”

    Felicia hesitated as if she was unable to decide what to do. “Fine, but first we need to get you cleaned up.”

    When Felicia had dropped her off, Jason wasn’t home, so she offered to stay with her. Violet thanked her, but told her that she just needed to be alone for awhile.

    “Promise me you’ll call if you need anything, anything at all. I mean it. I’m really sorry,” Felicia said.

    “It’s okay, I promise,” Violet said. Apparently satisfied with Violet’s answer, Felicia had hugged her and left.


    The jingle of a cell phone ringing startled Violet out of her dreariness. It was Jason’s phone. That was odd, she thought. He almost never forgot to bring his phone with him. She went over to the phone but didn’t pick it up. The caller ID identified the person as Sarah. She didn’t know of any girls named Sarah that Jason knew. She stood, looking at the screen until it stopped ringing. She started to go back to the bed, but a beep sounded off, telling Violet that the phone had just received a text message.

    Violet bit her lip and looked back at the phone. The message was from Sarah. It couldn’t hurt to look at it, she thought. She went back over to the phone, picked it up, opened the mail box, and checked the message from Sarah. It read:

    Jason need to see you
    urgent could be pregnant

    Fresh tears sprung to Violet’s eyes. Her heart couldn’t believe what her mind was telling her. There must be some kind of mistake, she thought. The girl must’ve called the wrong number. But the caller ID wouldn’t have given a name if she wasn’t in the phone’s address book. Maybe she called the wrong Jason. It was a common enough name, there could be a million other Jason’s in the world for all she knew. She heard a door open and close. It was the front door.

    “Hey Vi, you home?” said Jason. He walked into the apartment and heard sobbing coming from the bedroom. He headed in that direction, stopping only to toss his jacket on the couch. “Hey hun, you all right?” Jason opened the bedroom door and saw her standing there holding his phone in her hand. “Is something wrong with my phone?” When she didn’t answer he walked up to her and put his arms around her. “C’mon, tell me what’s wrong. You know you can tell me anything.”

    “You got a call from Sarah. I didn’t answer it, but she left you a message.”

    For the barest moment a look of anger came over his face. “And what did it say that seems to have gotten you so upset?” he said, looking her straight in the eyes.

    “It said she needs to see you, that she might be pregnant.” Violet tried to focus her eyes on a spot on the floor, but Jason lifted her chin up with one hand.

    “Oh, is that all,” he said. A smile formed across his face. “Sarah and I go way back, she’s just an old friend from high school.”

    Violet thought she knew who all of his female friends were, even if there was quite a few. “Then how come you never mentioned her before?”

    “Well, that’s because I didn’t want you getting jealous over me being close friends with another woman.”

    Bullshit, she thought. She simply wasn’t the jealous type; that was his department. Something wasn’t right. “Jason, she said she might be pregnant.” He didn’t even flinch when she said that, but sighed instead.

    “She’s been worried about that; her boyfriend doesn’t like to use protection. He’s kind of a dick, and a bit of a control freak. She just calls me up to have somebody to vent to. Now is there anything else that’s bothering you? And how did it go with Felicia? Did you guys have a good little pow-wow?” He ended their embrace as he asked his stream of questions, taking a couple of steps back.

    Amazingly, tears once again began to fill Violet’s eyes. She almost couldn’t believe it. After so much crying, she thought she’d be dried up by now. “Last night I didn’t stay over at Felicia’s. She wanted to go out. I didn’t want to, but she insisted, said she needed a wingwoman. You see apparently there’s this whole science behind it.”

    “What do you mean, you went out? To a bar?” he said. Jason looked ready to burst with anger.

    Violet began to tremble, and started to back away towards the wall. She wondered if she should tell him the truth. Better to have it come out now than later on in life when it would be too late to fix. “No, to a party. But you see she found somebody really quick, and I was all alone, and I might’ve had too much to drink, and I might’ve done something with a guy.”

    “What do you mean, you might’ve done something?” Hatred exuded from his words and Violet began to visibly shake.

    “I don’t know, it’s all really fuzzy, and I can’t remember much. I don’t know. I might’ve done something for,” she got cut off as Jason approached her, put his right hand over her face and slammed her head into the wall. Fireworks exploded in her head, the room began to swim around her. She began to fall over, but before she did he grabbed her by the throat with his left hand and squeezed. She was running out of oxygen and managed to kick him in the groin, but was too disoriented to make it count. It was enough to make him let her go though, and she fell on all fours, coughing as new air entered her lungs.

    “I’m going out for a while,” he said as he picked up his phone. “Clean yourself up before I get back.”

    “You’re going to her, aren’t you? You’re a real piece of work, you asshole. You never did love me did you? So why be with me, because I come from a family with money?” Violet picked herself up and thought of the pistol that Jason kept in the safe in the closet. He didn’t think she knew the combination.

    “You always need to screw stuff up, don’t you! Listen I’ll be back later. Maybe by then you’ll have gotten over yourself,” Jason said. He made his way out of the room and began to leave.

    “Don’t come back!” Violet shouted. After a half a minute she heard the front door open and slam shut. She went over the closet safe and began to turn the dial.


    It was two hours later when Jason finally returned. It had given Violet more than enough time to come up with a plan and a convincing story to tell the police. She waited in the bedroom with the gun loaded and lying on the bed, the safety off. All of the lights in the apartment were turned off. She watched out the window as his red Toyota pickup truck pulled into the small parking lot for the apartment building. She sat back down on the bed, gun now in hand and aimed at what would roughly be chest level if Jason were standing in the door way. She heard the front door open and footsteps come to the bedroom door. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness and she could see his outline in the door frame.

    “Violet, I’m back, did you do what I told you to?” Jason said softly.

    Violet had hoped that he would assume that because all the lights were turned off she would be asleep and would not turn on the bedroom light. She squeezed the trigger twice, and heard the sound of a body crumpling to the floor. She smiled at what she had done. No time to enjoy this now, she thought. She went into the kitchen, turning on lights and knocking things over as she went, trying to make it look like a fight had taken place. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a cloth and used it to pick up a big kitchen knife she had laid out earlier. As she was putting the knife into Jason’s still moving right hand she thought anything is a small price to pay to be with someone you loved. But, after a while it all adds up.
  4. D&D using videogame storyline

    Posted 13 Jan 2009

    I'm doing a D&D campaign in the Spring when I get back to school. Going to use my adaption of the LUCT storyline, and set it in the Ogre Battle Series World. I made an intro vid for it. It's not much, just text and music. I'm going to do a nicer one later, but I need to get ahold of some non crappy audio/video editing programs.

    http: //

    Oh, and the slides go a smidge too fast, one of the problems i need to fix for it.
  5. The Writings of a Blind Man

    Posted 6 Jan 2009

    I'm almost never here anymore, but I thought I'd post some of the things I've written over the past few years. It's different things, poetry, short stories, short plays, and other stuff. A bunch of it I need to rewrite at some point. I have a bunch of other stuff, but it’s either not finished, or I didn’t think that it was good enough (or I don’t actually know where it is right now). I’m looking for feedback here, and I want everybody to be honest with me. If you didn’t like it, then you didn’t like it, but if you could please tell me why, if you could explain. If some of the pieces just aren’t things you’re interested in, that’s fine too, but just let me know that. And if you liked it, I want to know what about it, it was that you liked. I want honest and open criticism.

    Secret Knowledge
    The background is that of an otherwise interrupted blue.
    It was the blue of a clear sky on a sunny day.
    In the foreground, many clumps of light, fluffy, clouds came together.
    The sun remained slightly behind these clouds, but well enough to be seen.
    Its rays played over the folds of the clouds,
    Creating the illusion of there being so many beams of light.
    Never before had I seen a more brilliant sky.
    In my mind, I figured that someone was in a good mood today.
    The scene looked to be so very still,
    But I knew that it was actually moving.

    Smooth Curves
    There she stood,
    In the door way,
    Wrapped in a cloud of smoke.
    Suddenly, I’m reminded of
    Something out of a film noir.
    It is an elegant lady coming towards me.
    Ah, what I wouldn’t give to be with her.
    Damn, gold on the finger.
    That’s the kind of shot I’d never take.

    Missing you already
    Every fiber of my being
    Aches because you are no longer near.
    Gone is
    The sound of your voice,
    The feel of your touch,
    The taste of your lips,
    The smell of your skin,
    The sight of you.
    Ah, what else is there to say?
    You already have my heart.
    There is a hollow space where
    It used to lie.
    I cannot help but cry.

    For this story, a friend of mine challenged me to write a short story of exactly 100 words. He had been reading a collection of stories by Neil Gaimen, in which he had written a short story of exactly one hundred words. The problem is that now I want to write a much longer story based around this idea.
    I rapped on the front door. Mr. Fairfax opened it, and was startled by my appearance. I was surprised because, to my knowledge he should have been expecting me for many days now. “W-Well I g-g-guess this is it then” he stammered out. “Yes, you’re my last stop on a tour of the city tonight. I must say, I’ve had a very productive night tonight. Sure, they all tried to run away, but I was too quick for them. So, since they have had me come here I’m going to assume you know the terms. Have you got the money?”

    Well, that's it for now. I'll put some more stuff up at a later point. Thanks for checking it out.

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