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  1. In Topic: Pointless random thoughts...

    Posted 13 Aug 2011

    Pfft, I still think it's a super funny song.

    And I like to yell FLASH FLASH I LOVE YOU, BUT WE ONLY HAVE 14 HOURS TO SAVE THE EARTH to my friends, only replacing Flash with their names.

    prt: queen is a great band
  2. In Topic: Best Eulogy Examples Tips

    Posted 31 Jan 2011

    And here I thought this thread would be about Bobsickle...
  3. In Topic: 5DAS Will Not WORK

    Posted 24 Sep 2010

    View Post Eddieliebs, on 23 September 2010 - 03:39 AM, said:

    Hey everyone! I've heard that this game 5 Days a Stranger is really great, so I decided to download it. Once I run the program though, I hear the music and get this picture of a car driving down the road towards me. There is an hourglass that I cannot move. So, after hitting escape, I get the title screen with my arrow which I cannot move. Nothing seems to be working other than the sound. How can I get this game to run properly? I am running Windows 7 and everything is up to date on my end.

    Are you running it full-screen, or windowed? If full-screen, try the other one; that's helped me in the past. Also try running the game as administrator; sometimes that screws up old games for me.
  4. In Topic: Ben Croshaw inspired by ..Depeche mode?

    Posted 9 Jun 2010

    Yeah, for the first two games he either took the songs from RPG Maker or found ones online that he thought sounded cool. I think 7 Days opened with a Yanni song? m0ds made the music for the last two though, so if you have any questions about those feel free to ask because he posts here sometimes.

    edit: and somehow I lost what I meant to say, which is that if the Depeche Mode song and the one in the game sound incredibly similar, the one in the game is probably a .midi version of it. Whether he did that because he actually likes Depeche Mode or whether he just heard the .midi and said "oh this sounds like a creepy chase scene" is unknown though, and since he never comes here I'd doubt he'd answer.
  5. In Topic: Pandorum Movie Ripped Off 1213 Story?

    Posted 18 May 2010

    Honestly, from reading your last post, you could technically make the same comparison between the two and something like System Shock II. I really think it's just too far-fetched to say one ripped off the other; it's probably just coincidence.

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