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It is officially December and officially acceptable to start talking about Christmas. So by popular demand I am presenting a list of things that I would really like for Christmas.

Of paramount importance to my advancement as a human being is the existence of a new, fully-loaded, state of the art computer. To do this I need as much money as is humanly possible which leads me to the first item on my list...

As much money as is humanly possible to put towards a new computer

It would fill me with delight to be able to purchase parts for and assemble a new computer. Until then I will have to continue using my pretty reliable computer that is running towards the end of its life.

Other things I would like to own (but not as much as a new computer) include the following:

The Book of Ratings by Lore Fitzgerald Sj÷berg [link]

Lore of the Brunching Shuttlecocks is the inspiration behind 90% of the decent humor sites on the internet. A hard copy of some of his brilliant writing would be excellent and even more excellent would be supporting his first published work.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Volume 3 "The Rose Blooms" DVD [link]

Liking Anime has been something that I've just had to deal with now for years. Liking cartoons at my age gets you enough funny looks. Liking Anime just makes people scowl in your general direction as soon as they find out. "How can you like that? Their eyes are SOOO BIG!!" Well damn I don't care who knows it! I love Dragonball Z and people make fun of me because 98% of the show's American fans are boys between the age of 10 and 11. Liking Revolutionary Girl Utena draws even more attention to myself as it seems to be liked primarily by girls between the age of 10 and 11 and homosexual men of all ages. If people are going to be ridiculous enough to look down on me because I want a DVD of a cartoon about a pink haired girl and her friends then so be it. It's a FANTASTIC story that includes plenty of exciting action, wonderful characters and songs about dinosaurs. How can you top that?

Back to the Future Trilogy DVD [link]

I couldn't imagine a finer way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon after Christmas then wrapped up in a blanket on the couch watching the ENTIRE Back to the Future trilogy! This used to be one of those "reasons I don't have a girlfriend" but I even have a girlfriend now! Does it get any better than being a complete loser and still having a girlfriend? God, I'm lucky.

Remote Starter for my car

This is something I think about every freezing winter morning. I wake up, shower and leave for work with temperatures in the teens and must freeze my ass off for the first ten minutes of my twenty minute commute. Often are the days I imagine being able to peer out my window and press a single button that snaps my car into life. Seeing the smoke come out of the exhaust and smiling as I imagine my warm wonderful ride to work where I will then freeze my ass off because they for some reason think running the air conditioner in December is a good idea.

Electric Razor

This very well may be the thing in life that I want the least but I do need one. I've been using the same electric razor since I was fifteen and it's pretty beat up. It doesn't so much "cut" my hair as "yank it violently from my head". Also it's one of the ones that has those three round silver blade thingies but one of them fell out about four years ago and I've been unable to find it so I'm currently using it at 2/3 its actual potential. I just can't bring myself to spend money on such an item because it will bring me no joy to have a brand new razor. Much like the remote starter I do think about how nice it would be to have one every morning.

Jedi Outcast II for Nintendo Game Cube

I am known to openly hate Star Wars. I mean, really hate Star Wars. So why would I want this game? Even though I hate Star Wars with a burning passion I am still reminded of my youth where I wanted nothing more than to wield a lightsaber in combat. Hell, I used to dream about using a lightsaber when I was in class this summer. In fact I daydreamed about it yesterday at work. This game may be the closest I could ever come to actually using a lightsaber and the Force. I may hate Star Wars, but I'm all for that!


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