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06/09/2003 Entry: "My Vitamins Are Liars"

I decided to start taking my multivitamins again in an effort to combat this constant fatigue I am feeling from lack of caffeine. This is good because I severely doubt that I get all the minerals and vitamins a growing boy needs from my daily intake of two Pop Tarts and a slice of frozen pizza. I was also shocked to learn that there is no vitamin C in my favorite orange soda!

So I looked in my desk and dug out my multivitamins. It say on the bottle that they contain "Lutein" which I assume is like protein except more fake. I also noticed that the expiration date is February, 2003. Hmmm, I thought. I should probably get a new bottle if these have expired.

Then it hit me. How do they expire? I could see if I purchased then ten years ago, but I got these last year. How do they go bad? Are the vitamins no longer in the capsules? I doubt it. In fact, I don't trust an expiration date on such an item. Maybe they no longer taste as fresh as they once did. That's fine. I can deal with that. I just refuse to believe that it does a worse job of containing the vitamins that it once did. I'm sure some chemical engineer reader will email me to tell me I'm wrong but that's fine. I'd love to have an actual explanation.

In the meantime I will continue to not trust the believability of the vitamins I am ingesting on a daily basis. While I do not trust them I will continue to take them because they make my body strong. Even if they are liars.

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Althought, i doubt they are really expiered, Vitamins can go bad. Over time their chemical compounds can change and either become weaker or stronger. Either way it wont kill you. So enjoy!

Posted by Lauren @ 06/09/2003 04:59 PM EST

Oh I plan on it! Jen said the same thing about the vitamins. I still think it's bunk.

Posted by Chefelf @ 06/09/2003 05:06 PM EST

Some of the vitamins may lose their potency over time but I figure you are probably safe as the expiration date is the shelf date. They are not supposed to sell it after that date but if they are able to sell it up to that date you have to figure it should be good for a little while longer... It isn't a guarantee but you should be ok. The minerals, on the other hand... If they were pretty much unchanging as rocks for thousands of years, they will probably not go bad in a sealed bottle. (I really hate it when my chalk goes bad! :-)

Take care and God bless!

Pastor John

Posted by Pastor John @ 06/09/2003 10:44 PM EST

Enjoy those vitamins, chef. I just purchased some double chocolate stouts described on the can as "silky, rich, creamy, & smooth" and all I got was dark beer. I feel sad. Maybe I need vitamins.

Posted by Jake @ 06/09/2003 11:43 PM EST

Maybe the stout had expired.

Posted by Chefelf @ 06/10/2003 08:20 AM EST

'Lutein' was austensibly a mercinary villian in the 6th Doctor Who episode, "The Tombs Of the Cybermen", but *SPOILER ALERT, text is invisible, highlight it to see it* he turns out to be a good guy, but gets killed.

Posted by Lefty @ 06/10/2003 11:04 AM EST

oops. Aw, screw it.

Posted by Lefty @ 06/10/2003 11:05 AM EST

No worries, mate. I love ya just the same!

Posted by Paul Hogan @ 06/10/2003 11:34 AM EST

I wish that were the case. Then I wouldn't feel so bad for buying it.

Posted by Jake @ 06/10/2003 11:38 AM EST

Lutein is a carotenoid found in leafy green vegetables. It works as an anti-oxidant. You body doesn't manufacture Lutein on its own, so a lot of people take suppliments (rather than just eat their spinach) to prevent damage from free-radicals. All in all, its just something else to waste money on.

Posted by Biochemist @ 06/11/2003 11:03 AM EST

It's supposed to improve your eyesight or some crap. Personally I don't believe in free radicals. I think they should lock them all up.

(I'm sorry)

Posted by Chefelf @ 06/11/2003 11:25 AM EST

In general, I try to Avoid the caroteNoids*. So's I can catch the vegetable equivalent of Skurvy.

* =

Posted by Lefty @ 06/11/2003 12:15 PM EST

I think I need to stop avoiding them. My eyes have not been performing like they once did as of late.

Posted by Chefelf @ 06/11/2003 03:22 PM EST

I don't even know true darkness anymore. I leave my lava lamp on 24/7. It's wacky spontaneous movements make me relaxed and provide ample thinking light.
Although it is rather distracting while trying to read.

Posted by Heccubus @ 06/13/2003 07:27 PM EST

You described your diet as two pieces of pizza and poptarts. Well, the multivitmain is not doing you any good. Your body needs vegetables an fruit on a daily basis. The nutrients from these foods are what carries the vitamins that you take to differnt parts of the body where they are needed. You cannot just eat unhealthy and take vitamins. they dont work that way. Sorry =(

Posted by CarlyTheatre @ 09/16/2003 07:19 PM EST

Expiration dates on drug and vitamin bottles (as well as foods)were required by US law as of 1979 and represent a guarantee that the content are effective through that date. Manufacturers prefer to be conservative by rating the expirations on the HIGH side of caution and because they'd like you to throw out that bottle of "old" stuff to replace it with one you need to purchase from them. Most medicines/vitamins are stable and will have a shelf life CONSIDERABLY longer than stated expiration.

reference for a fun article on the subject.

Perhaps you'd like to take a look at how much liquid you are drinking? I've found from my own experience that I get more tired when I'm not drinking enough. I'm assuming that suggesting you "eat right" is silly and that maybe adding a few glasses of beverage will be a more reasonable lifestyle change.

Best of Luck,

Posted by Jordan @ 11/01/2003 08:36 AM EST

I once read that some types of vitamins past their expiration dates could become carcinogenic, scarry! I just don't know for sure but will look up "Jordan's" reference to find out more because I was given $700.00 in free vitamins today from a friend in the vitamin business because they are expired. I'm off to investigate!

Posted by Kathy @ 01/06/2004 08:59 PM EST

Posted by kbpchef @ 01/26/2004 12:07 PM EST

Just to clear things up, that last Jordan is not me. Hi chef.

Posted by the real Jordan @ 03/07/2004 03:41 AM EST

Im would like to know how they
fit vegetables in those tiny capsules.

Posted by sandy @ 04/08/2004 05:13 PM EST

My vitamins have an expiration date of 12/2001 on them. Funny, I thought I had been taking them pretty regular and there is still well over 1/2 the bottle left. lol. I just noticed the date today and while I want to be like the elf & keep taking them, I think I will prolly just be a good little consumer and buy a new bottle.

Posted by Jack @ 08/27/2004 12:07 PM EST

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