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12/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Back to the Future"

In response to Laura's blog entry about Back to the Future II:

Part II is certainly the weakest of the three movies but you must take into consideration the way that it was made...

Part I was released in 1985, much to the delight of my seven year old self! Parts II and III were released within 6 months of each other in 1989 and 1990 respectively. They were filmed together and usually relate to each other much better than to the first movie. At the end of Back to the Future II there is even a trailer for Back to the Future III. Even though it was coming out in six months this served to REALLY psyche the young teenage Nate.

There are many problems with the Back to the Future Trilogy but in many ways it is also one of the best executed time travel stories ever made.

I can perfectly understand any problems one would have with Part II but what really surprises me is how many people consider Part III to be the lowest quality of the three movies. Part I is the classic, Part II is (to me) possibly the most fun of the three while being the least valid and Part III is the most serious as the trilogy concludes. Much like Luke Skywalker takes a back seat to the story about Darth Vader in "Return of the Jedi", Marty McFly takes a back seat to Doctor Emmet Brown in Part III. In Part III Doctor Emmett Brown experiences love and heartache as well as professional failure blended with personal success. Doc Brown's heart gets in the way of his rather overly analytical nature and thusly the true dangers of time travel are revealed! The seemingly stock character "cool dude" nature of Marty McFly is also changed and we are shown that while the past is in the past, the future is what we make of it.

Of course these movies are not without their faults. They suffer from problems that most any contemporary 80's movie would have and some of the science is implausible but all in all I think these movies stand out as one of the more truly fun and watchable movie trilogies of the 80's.

Replies: 14 People Love Me!

It is clear that no one cares about Back to the Future. Comments are kinda lame at times.

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/26/2002 08:20 AM EST

Though it's the exact opposite of lame when you can admit it yourself... by posting a comment!

Posted by Absinthe @ 12/26/2002 03:12 PM EST

I have long wondered about and debated the usefulness of comments. I am so unsure about how I really feel about them.

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/27/2002 08:38 AM EST

I like reading them, so I leave them on. Even though they rarely provide any new information. I just like to know that people have read my thingy. My thingies themselves don't provide any information, either, so it's like an endless circle of fluff--WHAT THE INTERNET IS ALL ABOUT!

Posted by Laura @ 12/28/2002 08:18 PM EST

A very good point. Duly noted, little sister!

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/28/2002 10:09 PM EST

What a disappointment not to include any of the footage with eric stoltz.....i cant fork over the bux for that......

Posted by Allen @ 12/31/2002 08:17 PM EST

There's some Eric Stoltz footage there. There's at least a lot of mention of him. There's probably some legal problem with doing that or some crap.

Posted by Chefelf @ 01/02/2003 12:52 PM EST

How did I FIND this page? I was watching BTTF and wondered, "What happened to Claudia Wells?" She runs a clothing store in Studio City now. Why does that make me feel sad somehow? I intend on inviting her to my next hollywood hills party. He son too, if he's old enough. She is a good person.


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