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12/19/2002 Archived Entry: "MSN WTF? WTC"

At work there are many many computers. I have my own cubicle, my little slice of heaven, where I can work diligently on updating records, inputting data and playing the Michael Jackson Baby Drop game. But sometimes my my temp job requires me to fill in for others and, unfortunately, use their crummy computers. My computer has been, over the course of three months, highly customized to suit my particularly snotty ubergeek needs. I am extremely particular about how my computer is set up. Everything from the size of the Internet Explorer Icons to the length of the system tray and the width of the Quick Launch Toolbar must be exactly how I want them or I just cannot function.

So when I go to anyone else's computer I am forced to deal with their crappy settings (I wouldn't want anyone messing with MINE) for the time being. One thing I've noticed is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, sets up as their home page. Now since Windows ships with Explorer's home page as I would figured that people just never got around to changing the home page but I have evidence to prove otherwise. When I change this rather embarrassing home page on anyone's computer then return to their computer days later they have changed the page back to Even when someone uses my computer (anyone!) they tend to change the home page to! is not a good site. Maybe at home if you have MSN and Hotmail it's an okay home page at home but not at work. This is even more unacceptable since at work the program we use most on our computers is a web-based program for managing accounts. I prefer to have my home page set up to be my login page for that program in the interest of getting some work done. is just lame even in the scope of portal sites. I would much prefer or or my personal, favorites: or Google News.

I have no respect for a human being who voluntarily chooses as their home page. It is of the same level of disrespect that I reserve for people who have Gator installed on their computer. These are just unacceptable flaws in a person's character that cannot be overlooked.

I spent a great deal of time during my lunch break today looking at the possible plans for the World Trade Center site. There is a site, that highlights these plans. They range from the boring to the absurd but it's really quite interesting looking at the possibilities of what the New York skyline could look like in a decade's time. There is expected to be a decision on what plans to go with by the end of January. That is unexpectedly soon. Some of the plans are shockingly futuristic. I think I like the idea of a kinda futuristic looking building where the WTC once stood. Shouldn't the future look like the future?

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The future is here... where is my jet pack? Hmm?

Posted by Steve @ 12/20/2002 12:26 AM EST

Wasn't that from that commercial with Cisco from Deep Space 9? Either way, I concur. We should have jet packs. The future is such a drag. We only have 13 short years to get our ass on track and have the lush vision of the future as seen in Back to the Future II.

BTW: Anyone that doesn't have the Back to the Future DVD set should DEFINITELY go out and get it. Worth every penny!

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/20/2002 08:07 AM EST

Hey!! I resent that Gator crack!

Posted by Mom @ 12/20/2002 03:10 PM EST

I'm sorry, Mom. More sorry than you can ever know. Please uninstall it though or I may just not come home for Christmas this year. ;-)

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/20/2002 03:25 PM EST

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