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12/12/2002 Archived Entry: "The Future of America"

There is a girl in Rhode Island (the home state of 3/5 of the Brothers Redcloud) who has recently gained much attention in the press. The girl, Julie Cahill, is a National Honor Society member, former class president, member of the school band, drama club and assistant editor of the school's magazine. She is active in the community, volunteering time for her church and offering to tutor fourth graders on drug-abuse prevention and decision making.

The principal of the school where she was volunteering has refused to allow this bright young girl to tutor the children. Why? Because she has pink hair! Yes you heard correctly... PINK HAIR!!

Thank God the brave principal of this school spoke out against her. Imagine if this girl was allowed to slip through the cracks and tutor our children! Sure it would be a rewarding and enriching experience for the fourth graders as they learned from such a smart and accomplished high school senior as Miss Cahill, but at what cost?

Is America ready to have people with just any color hair traipsing through classrooms, making lasting positive impressions on youngsters? I maintain that it is not! America should accept no less than standard hair colors from its young mentors. If we do then the future will be a place where people’s hair color won’t matter and rather people will be judged on the strength of their character and the morality of their work. That, my friends, is no future I want to live in!

America is based on the idea that everyone, everywhere should immediately be judged on nothing more than their outward appearance. Some wacko liberals may say that “Something as inconsequential as hair color shouldn’t matter.” But if we allow something as “inconsequential” as hair color not bother us then what will be next? Earrings? Makeup? Blue jeans?

The next thing you know these poor children are going to grow up and begin experimenting with drugs, or worse, wanting to actually engage in S-E-X! We cannot, nay, must not allow children to be exposed to a wonderful smart young woman with pink hair for the sake of the future of this beautiful and glorious country.

Note: if you are older than 35--or a Republican--and are confused, the above text is referred to as “sarcasm”.

Replies: 11 People Love Me!

You sir, are a smart ass!

Posted by steve @ 12/12/2002 04:01 PM EST

Forgot to add:

And I salute you!

Posted by steve @ 12/12/2002 04:02 PM EST

Burn the pink haired FREAK!!!
Get her!

Posted by Attaboy @ 12/12/2002 05:27 PM EST

I saw in the news a while back that some principal (the principal is your PAL)from a private school tried to expel one of his students because the kid had a mullet, but that's a completely different story...

Hey, tomorrow's the beginning of your "weekend!" Have a good one!

Posted by Nicole @ 12/12/2002 09:36 PM EST

Schools are dumb. Thanks, Nicole, I will!

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/13/2002 11:05 AM EST

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