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10/18/2002 Archived Entry: "The Glass House in New York"

Well all the Lance & Eskimo problems were solved early this week. Go enjoy if you're the person that reads my site that doesn't go to Lance & Eskimo first, even though you don't exist.

I'm preparing to go to New York this weekend to see Jacques's play, The Glass House, and my girlfriend but not necessarily in that order. we're going to the 3:00 Sunday Matinee. Come join us! I am filled with anticipation to see Jacques's play and I wonder what it will be like. Since he is stingy with the details I can only sit here and wonder. I'm going to pick Laura up bright and early tomorrow and we're going to drink coffee and pee our way to New York.

I'm bringing my camera so maybe I'll have action shots when I return. I endeavour to not get sick this weekend. Wish me luck!

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