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10/08/2002 Archived Entry: "L & E Technical Difficulty"

At least 100% of the people who check this site regularly do so because they know of it through Well right now we are going through a little problem with our domain registrar because they suck ass. It's very similar to the problem we went through with them last year at this exact same time. The problem being that they are incapable of charging our credit card when we owe them money and also unable to let us know if we owe them any money.

The problem is a little different this time around. Currently 1/2 of the people that go to the site see it in its fully functional glory. The other 1/2 see a site that says something lame like " coming soon! Check out our online casino!!"

So bear with us for the next few days as we go though our own personal living hell to try to figure out this problem. I hope all five of you that read this site will take note.

Thank you.

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