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09/23/2002 Archived Entry: "The Daily Grind"

So I stared my new job today. Everyone there is super nice. It's a bummer though because I have to wear a shirt and tie. I just returned from the store where I spent every last dollar I have on shirts, ties, shoes, socks and pants (those were the only clothing items that I was missing from my wardrobe).

To add insult to injury I just had to iron the clothes that I reluctantly spent my entire bank account on. There couldn't possibly be a chore more boring than ironing. It's the most awful task on the face of the earth and no matter how hard I try I suck at it. No matter what I do to try to make my ironing work my shirts come away looking as bad as or worse than they did before.

After one day of work I have a hard time figuring out what my job is going to be. As far as I can tell it seems like I'm going to be spending seven hours a day doing what it would take a computer from 1985 about fifteen seconds to do. I just alphabetized and organized some stuff. If they had a computer running Dos 3.0 and Lotus 1-2-3 they could have done the same tasks in the blink of an eye.

I can't believe how uncomputerized this whole place is. It's amazing. My boss asked me today if I knew how to use Excel. When I told him I did his eyes lit up and a giant crescent moon smile appeared on his face. "Come see me first thing tomorrow morning," he said. "Have I got a job for you!"

I can't wait. Part of me hopes that he is so impressed by my Excel skills that he will set me up with a workstation and have me doing Microsoft Office related tasks for the next two months. Actually all of me wishes that. That would be sweet.

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