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09/19/2002 Archived Entry: "Prepare for Prattle"

Well I've been pretty consistent this week. I've written in my blog and biked over 20 miles a day every day this week! Surely I can't keep this up forever! I start my new job on Monday so this won't last long. The thing that will suffer the most is my cycling seeing that daylight will only exist for the span of time I am at work.

So now I am wondering what this new job will entail. I was told that I'd be moving boxes and lugging around the giant antiquated computers that this company seems to still be quite fond of. If I am wearing a suit and a tie that seems like I won't be doing a lot of physical grunt work but rather office grunt work.

This makes me excited. To me the ideal job would be for some people to give me long laundry list of computer related tasks to do and for me to do them. "I can't figure out how to do a mail merge in Word! You do it!" Yeah baby, that would be a cakewalk! I could use Microsoft Office all day long. It would be a cakewalk filled with all kinds of marvelous and wonderful cakes!

Jen is coming to visit this weekend and we're going to waterfire. For once I'll be able to enjoy waterfire with a girl rather than as a third wheel. Ah, romance.

It was fun to just put a random IM at the end of yesterday's post so I'm going to do it again.

lulublacksheep: you
Chefelf: m,e
lulublacksheep: yes
lulublacksheep: you
lulublacksheep: hows it going?
Chefelf: okay i suppose
lulublacksheep: grrrrrrreat
Chefelf: how's it going with you?
lulublacksheep: it is going well
lulublacksheep: i am being positive
lulublacksheep: about the future and the world around me
Chefelf: good. i see you have found the reverser message board
lulublacksheep: and im listening to the tourettes
Chefelf: good for you
Chefelf: very good for you
lulublacksheep: guess who showed me where it was?
lulublacksheep: just go ahead and guess
Chefelf: chris?
lulublacksheep: yes
Chefelf: i'm sure he is filled with nothing but regret now
lulublacksheep: who knows
lulublacksheep: im not his keeper
Chefelf: no you're not, rory... and dammit i don't expect you to be!
lulublacksheep: whoa, man, whoa. im sorry
lulublacksheep: you know what i was failing to do?
lulublacksheep: examine my assumptions/bias
Chefelf: no... i't';s me that's sorry... you know how i get, though... i' m very emotional about this sort of thing
lulublacksheep: i know man, but really; i wasn't thinking critically
Chefelf: it's okay, buddy.... still friends?
lulublacksheep: of course, buddy. you know i wouldn't jeopordise our friendship over something like that!
Chefelf: *phew*
lulublacksheep: whatever happens we should always be friends buddy
Chefelf: DEAL!!!
lulublacksheep: *shake*

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