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09/18/2002 Archived Entry: "Temporary Problem Solving"

I got a job. It was bound to happen eventually; after four months of searching I finally have a source of income, albeit temporary income. It's a temp job. I will temporarily working for the a company that is going to be very busy for a short time. I have no idea what I will be doing but I know that I will be wearing a tie while doing it (so I guess I won't be lugging boxes around).

After all the applications I filled out and all the resumes I sent out hoping to get a job as a web designer I finally get a job in a completely unrelated field. It would be a lot more of a relief if this meant that my job hunt was over; however, since this job only lasts until the end of November my job hunt must continue with the same intensity I have previously exhibited.

Oh, crumbs.

Well I decided that I would IM my old pal Chris Livingston of and tell him to news to see what his take on the situation would be. It was as could be expected:

Chefelf: hey!
tempfella: hey there!
Chefelf: guess what? (you'll be so proud/disgusted)
tempfella: um, what
Chefelf: i just got my very first temp job!!
tempfella: wow!
tempfella: congrats/i'm deeply sorry
Chefelf: haha... thanks
Chefelf: any words of advice that you can give me before my first day?
tempfella: hm
tempfella: don't do it?
Chefelf: if only that were financially possible, my friend
tempfella: ah
tempfella: well, then do it as badly as possible
tempfella: without getting caught
Chefelf: gotcha
Chefelf: what is the best way to steal things? backpack? underwear? hollowed out melon?
tempfella: balance them on your head
tempfella: totally unexpected
Chefelf: will do!
Chefelf: i feel like i couldn't do this without the two years of reading your site and the sage advice you've given me right now. i think i'm ready
tempfella: make me proud
Chefelf: i will chris. that's all i want out of this job

God, I hope this doesn't suck. I guess having money for a change is worth any amount of suck that can possibly be dished out.

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