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09/17/2002 Archived Entry: "It's Funny"

I figure that having nothing to say shouldn't keep me from writing in this blog more often--besides I can always find something to complain about! Like not finding a job. I've sent over 30 resumes and applications in between Thursday and today and I've heard back from no one, not even to tell me no. Whoever said "breaking up is hard to do" clearly never tried to get a job in this failing economy.

My bank has been very supportive by charging me $2300.00 for an Ebay auction gone bad. A month and a half ago someone tried to buy something from me and used fraudulent credit card information. My bank chose this past Friday to charge my account the money and then some insufficient fund charges. Then they credited my account $2300.00 on Monday when they figured that they had squeezed enough of their morally blind charges out of me.

The Jehovah's Witnesses just stopped by. I've been going through an ongoing struggle with them for some time now. I lack the backbone to tell these very nice--if incredibly ignorant--people that I do not wish to include religion in my life. Besides, their flyers generally give me something funny to think about and possibly write articles about.

There reaches a point where all the things going on in your life, even if terrible, become almost too funny to bare. You just have to laugh when things are going comically wrong. And I only found out today that it's all Adam's fault! We would all live forever and there would be no suffering if he hadn't disobeyed God. Fuckin' Adam!

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